Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hello Everyone,
         Well this past week went pretty well. We had a little better success on investigators coming to church by 1.  Haha..  We had 2 out of the other 7 or 8 serious investigators come. It seems like every Sunday they sleep in till noon cuz its their day off, or they just turn off their phones to not be bothered. But always we are trying to improve.  This next week looks better due to people understanding and knowing the importance of coming to church. As you have said and noticed, we do have people to teach and plenty of work and appointments to keep us busy.  We teach around 5-7 lessons a day.  It’s just the one thing, Church Attendance!! It being the one thing that can help them come to know what they are dong is true, and what we have to share is true.
          We have met a guy named Samuel. He has done a lot of research and studied a lot about the church, and we were able to meet him this past Wednesday. Around the beginning of the lesson, one of his questions was; "How and how quick can I be baptized?" We gave him the Feb. 9th and he accepted.  Also another investigators name is Nana Adu, who lives next door to the chapel.  He doesn’t speak a lot of English, but when we talk he can understand us.  We are planning on giving him the 9th as well this coming Tuesday. Other than that we have a hand full of other people who have potential, but are not too serious yet. But we keep trying and praying for them to accept and realize how much it can help and change their lives for the good; not only here, but for the eternities.  So anyway other than that everything else is going great. Things are progressing in Boukrom. Next month being February will be better for baptisms and church attendance.
          It’s hot and sticky some days and other days it’s dry and dusty. Not much of fluctuation, and pretty much one great big season for the whole two years. We have been having the power go out just about everyday, which means the water pump not working. We are having to go and fetch water out of the poly tanks. The other night I was going to go and sleep outside on our little lawn and wrap myself in the mosquito net. If it happens again during the night I’ll for sure do it. It gets way too hot inside with the power out.
          Today we had a Zone P Day activity at Dichemso.  We played football and ate snacks. After, we came to town to email.  After this we’ll go buy a few things and go back to the apartment.   Maybe later we will go to a family home evening that a member invited us to come.
          So all is well. Thanks for everything!! I hope you are all doing good and receiving blessings. The snow will come if we keep praying sincerely and fasting.  So till next week.
                    Love, Elder Ty Blackburn  

Monday, January 20, 2014


Hello Everyone,
          How is everything? I hope you are dong well.  So anyway, for us here in Boukrom things were pretty good at the beginning of the week, but on Sunday morning we were just somehow devasted when all the people we had in mind of calling and inviting to church were either sleeping, or didnt want to pick, or just promised us all week that they surely will be there on Sunday and didn't come. Well as we know,  the majority of the people we see, and for the most part the people we teach, tell us what we want to hear. Whether it be coming to church, praying, reading, or just being around the next time. So to sum it all up, we had one person come to church. As for the people from Michigan; S and his friends, they told us they were out all Saturday night at the pub enjoying. They told us they have alcohol /drinking problems. That is the only thing that will be holding them back from baptisms. We met with them for the first time on Wednesday evening. The spirit was very strong. You could of heard a pin drop when we were quoting the first vision.  They all felt of it’s presence for sure. But we are working and praying for them.  They sell Africa arts, paintings, carvings, clothe, etc. in America.  They are cool guys to be around.  They just need a helping hand with a few things.
          Anyway, Elder Agbeko is doing great. He is picking up on things pretty fast and gaining confidence when he teaches.  I actually think he is progressing faster than I did at first. I would have to say that my trainer Elder Meredith was a very patient and fun loving companion.
          Today we had a District activity at Dichemso Chapel, (The Stake Center). We were suppose to start at ten thirty. All of us were there ready and waiting, except for the sisters. They finally showed up around 12:30 pm. Meanwhile, we just played football; well African football, which is soccer, and we also played dodgeball.  So when they finally got there,  we ate and then came to town.   On our way coming today, some people were driving this three wheeler thing with this big bull hog tied in the bed of it. It almost had it about tipped over once, but they had to get a few guys to hold it down. Haha..
          I dont think I will be training the rest of my mission. I will probably get to at least once more before I go home. You can see how President Holmes works with the majority of missionaries. They start off in training, then DL, then ZL, then usually you train again before you go home. President Holmes says he wants every one to have a responsibility or assignment like that in order to be ready for future church callings.
          So anyway thanks for all the info about everything.  I hope and pray that it starts to snow and Winter comes quickly. Things are good over here. So I better go.  Time is running out. Talk next week. Take care!  Love you.
                         Love Ty 1+

Here's a picture from the Christmas Party a few weeks ago.  
I'm located around the second row in the back to the left. 

Monday, January 13, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Well this past week was and has been alright. Things have been going just as usual. Fast!! I think its been one of my fastest weeks. As I said last week, I got a greenie to train and take care of. My new companions name is Elder Agbeko from Idaho. He was born and raised in Idaho. His mom is from California but his dad is a Ghanaian from Kumasi. Haha.. (small world) Even there are a few members that know who his family is, and know his dad.  Our ward mission leader, Brother Kay knows his dad real well. His grandma stays here in Kumasi, and he has a few more relatives here in Kumasi. Pretty cool! Actually, he says he’s always in awe of everything, and can’t believe stuff like this goes on in the world. He doesn't talk much at least not yet, and is pretty much lost all the time. Let’s hope it comes. Anyway things are good.
          We were able to meet three guys yesterday that stopped their car and introduced themselves.  They are from Michigan, and have been taught by missionaries there. They said they want to be baptized before they go back, and they also want us to baptize their wives. They will stay here in Buokrom when they go back. We had a few other situations like that within the week. Just people coming up and seeming very interested in our message and the church.  About Esther and Henry, they have both went back to school in Cape Coast, and won’t be back until May.
          Anyway I guess if you want, you could just send me the camera you say that you have. The ones here are pretty crappy, and are bound to break or not work with all the other ones I see people have. Make sure it holds the same sd cards as I have.  I’m also about ready to send my sd card in an envelope, so just a heads up.  I’ve also gave a few CTR rings and zots away to the kids, but not all yet.
          Well it sounds as if everyone and everything are doing good and managing through winter.  As you said, just last year we were in Denver bidding on those fancy animals. It just seems like yesterday! So anyway, time just goes by. Looking back on my nine months seems like just a few. Ok, so good luck in the desert and I hope you find something. Keep up the good work! Thanks for everything.
      Love Elder Ty Blackburn

Monday, January 6, 2014


Hello Everyone,
          Well this week was good! I’m going to be a trainer this coming Wednesday for 12 weeks, and I’m still going to be DL. So President Holmes is really testing me with all the responsibility.  I don’t mind it actually. I quite like the many duties to keep me busy and focused on the work. Elder Holmes is going to another area called Daban, its around the mission home.  He's also going to be training as well. Elder Kinghorn is going to train in a new area called Agona-asamang, which is an area about an hour north of Boukrom; and he is going to be the first white missionary ever there, and no one speaks English either! As for me and Elder Komubbi, we are staying in Boukrom to train. So we will all be
getting fresh missionaries on Wednesday. We will get to go to the mission home and have lunch and pick up and meet our new companions.
          Anyway, yeah the Ashantis are really kinda stubborn and don’t really want to learn English or go to school. So yeah, that is mostly the reason that the Kumasi mission is not really progressing as well as all the other missions in Ghana. But every month, and ever since the Kumasi Mission was created, things are really moving forward and progressing, so its getting there, gradually, gradually. We have found some more powerful people that have been prepared for our message. There names are Esther and Henry. They have come to church for 2 weeks in a row, and we are really going to start focusing on them.
          Anyway, we went to Bonjour for New Years Day. It was good to go and relax and pig out on nice food. We went there on Saturday night as well and bought ice cream and alvaro.
          My camera is officially finished. I just put brand new batteries in it and is still doesn’t work. It’s just a white screen and I’ve got rubber bands holding the whole thing together. So next week I’ll try and buy one, once I get reimbursed for the water deal from last week. Cooper should be coming on Wednesday.  Also, I went to a bank this morning and I gave them two ten dollar bills. They said that they are too weak. They had a small crease down the middle. They said it was too weak to exchange, in order for them to sell it back to someone else. So I’m going to go to this other place.
          So last Saturday I got the one package from you and the one from Grandma Becky. Thanks for the packages. It was really nice. So if you are going to be sending any other packages any time soon, just send like cookie mix, brownie mix, muffin mix and some frosting. We have a way to cook them. You take two pots; a big one and small one. Put the small one in the big one with small rocks under it and oil in the small one and put the mix in. Let it cook for 45 min or so and its finished. Elder Holmes had his family send a bunch, and we had it for Christmas. So if you can just send stuff like that next time.
          Things sound like they are good back home. We don’t have much time today. We are going to a Pire Pire in Daban. It’s a really nice restaurant that sells pizza and burgers. We are going with all the AP’s, and also Elder Miller and Elder Hopkins who are going home tomorrow. So keep up the good work, and Thanks for Everything!!
                 Love Elder Ty Blackburn

Elder Holmes and Elder Blackburn on 
David and Kwame's baptism Day in December.