Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Monday, December 29, 2014


Hi Friends and Family,
          Well I never have been more satisfied, more happy and full of joy than this last Christmas calling home. It was really nice to talk to and to hear everyone.  It’s unreal how everyone has grown up, and how things can change in two years. Sounds like everyone is doing well and moving forward in life.
          Lately the past few nights has been cold as well. The past mornings I have just been walking around the house with my blanket wrapped around me. It’s also been a bit windy as well.
          As for Appiah, we are not too sure what will happen with him. He hasn’t came to church the past few Sundays. He doesn’t like to make decisions that are hard. Most of the people we teach do not want to change or do something different. We are trying to help him, but maybe one of these times he will be pricked and realized that this is his time to make the step towards Christ.
          Well as for the blessings I have received while on my mission maybe is,, peace of mind that I know that we can all be saved through the atonement of Jesus Christ as we partake of it, umm also that it has given me an opportunity to see how the gospel can change lives, my life, family and such. Like we can always find rest as we are keeping the commandments, that true happiness can follow as we do so. It is a life training center, LTC. It gives me a layout of the rest of my life and I probably wouldn’t of had or been able to see if I hadn’t of came out here.  Also, that we Americans don’t know how grateful and spoiled we are day to day with each and everything we have and do. Yeah, that’s about all I got for now, next week maybe I’ll have more for ya.
          Yeah, I agree to not make a decision too fast about what I should do when I get home. President Holmes said when you get back the things that you should do will come upon you and you will know then what the Lord would have you do; but it wouldn’t hurt to start thinking now.  Anyway, it sounds like you guys are going to enjoy for New Years. We are also going to do something. We are going to Suame to celebrate with Elders Richman, and Rindilbacher, eat pizza with alvaro/malta, wait for the ball to drop, and let off some fire works!! Haha… Well thanks for everything!! Best go!
                             Love ya, Elder Ty Blackburn


A recent pic of myself since I didn't get to Skype home.  

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Well it’s Monday once again. It really seems like the time is just flying now, 2015 is here next week!! Ha… That is something else, Things are just normal around here; nothing too much exciting has happened the past week. Although Theresa was confirmed yesterday. We had the baptism last week.
           Our area is doing good.  Although it seems like everyone is focused on Christmas. Haha… So missionary work has been a bit slow. It’s alright though, it was the same last year.
          So today is our Zone Christmas Party.  We are all having them in our individual zones. It ought to be fun. It would have been nice to see all of the other missionaries though.
          Yeah, I can’t wait till Thursday. The mission office says that I have four packages that have come, so today at the Christmas party I’ll pick em up. My companion hasn’t got anything from his family, but I’ve been spoiling him with food and what not. He is always happy and can’t wait to call home on Thursday as well.
           Oh, tell Chap Happy Birthday last Saturday, also greetings to Belle and Bryler!!  I’ll save the rest till Thursday. Haha… I best go to the party.  Take care!
                              Love Ya,  Elder Ty Blackburn

Theresa's baptism day

Hanging out with Elder Meredith (my father) and his companion 
before he went home a few weeks ago on P day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Well for the most part it has been just another week with staying busy doing missionary work.  Some things sometimes seem to get easy or easier, but I’d have to say that it seems like a never ending battle and that I’m always going up hill and never down hill. If it is easy, I am not progressing is seems like. Haha… But yeah, not too much bothers or get to me for the most part.
          So this week not too much exciting happened other than that yesterday, we had a baptism for Theresa, who is Joyce’s sister. It went well and it was a happy day for a lot of us. We have Appiah who wants to be baptized in a river. We read some scriptures and now he accepts that anywhere where there is water he can be baptized, but he still insists on a river. I told him before next Saturday when we meet with him again, he has homework to do and he needs to find a good place in the Offin river. Haha..   Talk about a wild goose chase.
          Everyone else is doing well. Mostly everyone does the same kind of work.  Appiah is a guard at a bank, the rest have little shops. They sell parts, food, provisions and so forth; or they have a farm where they do everything by hand.
          As for the fettish priests, they are traditionalists.  They don’t believe in God or Jesus Christ. They worship smaller gods like idols and so forth. They believe in some weird crap. If you have problems with something, like you need money or whatever, you go to him at his shrine. He will line you out and tell you what you will need to do and it will happen. I’m not too certain on all of it, but it’s what I’ve heard. They have snakes and all that kind of stuff too.
          As for being a DL, it’s not too bad. It’s just the four of us as the Offinso District, so it’s all right.  Also Elder Vause is now in our zone from Enterprise. He’s a real cool guy, and a dirt farmer/rancher at heart. Ha…
          We were soppose to have a mission Christmas party, but Pres. Holmes said that the area office or whatever said that it is against church policy. Ha… I find it hard to believe, but I guess I won’t get to see all the brethren in the mission I would of liked to see. But we are having a zone Christmas party at Bantama. Also, on Wednesday, Cooper, one of the guys that is over all the apts in the mission has invited us over for fufu.  All the elders in the Bantama Zone will be there,  so it will be great! I think we will have around 12 there.
          Anway, that is about it for the week. I got two of Gr. Becky’s packages, so that was great. Yeah, I can’t wait to talk on Christmas, and get all filled in. Ha…. As far as my accent, I can control it in the apartment, but as far as with the people as we’re out, it is noticable. Anyway, best go. Thanks for everything! Love ya, love Ty

p.s.I forgot my camera. Next week I’ll send some pics. kafra (sorry)

Monday, December 8, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Well it’s nice to come to town and email in a nice environment. We came to Kumasi today to enjoy a little, and to drop off Elder Ahweyvu. He is going home with Elder Meredith, they are TC's. They should be in Accra about now. Meredith said he would call me when he gets there. Yeah, we hope to meet up again someday. He said he'll go back to Hawaii and work for his brother, and says he might come to Utah and visit me and Nielson.  Elder Gibson's new companion is elder Helgesen from Michigan. He goes home one transfer before me, so it’s possible we will both finish here.
          But things are great. We have had power and water all week, so all is well. Our investigators boss says that she will get sacked if she is baptized, but she doesn’t care. She knows that it’s true and she loves our teachings. She just needs to get married first. She says they are doing it on Christmas, so hopefully by January she will be soaked. Her sister we are going to baptize on Saturday.
          So Pres. Holmes made me DL again for some reason. Haha.. I guess its maybe to keep me alive. He said it would only be for one transfer, but who knows. This will be my 5th transfer as DL carrying off from when I was in Buokrom.
          Anyway no I didn’t get any pictures last week. I forgot my camera.  It would of been a wall hanger for sure. Everyone was wasted and just having a good time. haha…. They have it every two years. The Ashanti King was soppose to be there, but they said he couldn’t come because if he crossed the River Offin he would die. Haha… I’m not sure if I believe that or not, they say it is cursed.
          So on Tuesday we went going to a place in our area called Ampabame. We were sitting down waiting for someone, and the next thing we know is five or six fettish priests were walking down the road.  One had a smoking pot on his head and throwing flour or powder all over him. The other ones had guns, bows and arrows, and one was tossing eggs on the ground.  They turned back around and start flinging their machetties around playing their drums. We made some nice footwork and got out of there. Haha…. It could of been fatal. They said it was for the natural and cultural rights. Anyway, enough of that.
          The office said that there are two packages for me at the mission home. They could be the ones you sent.  Cant wait to talk on Christmas! Take care! Till next week.
                                      Love , Elder Ty Blackburn

This was our Thanksgiving Dinner.

A truck load of fresh bananas.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Hello Family and Friends,
          Haha, well what can I say? I didn’t have time yesterday to email, so now I have  a few min today.
          So yesterday I was with Elder Meredith (my father), his comp, and a few other guys that came down from Sunyani to flex in Kumasi and to do some few things. Last night Elder Meredith came to Offinso with his companion and stayed the night, and today he went to Obuasi. Elder Meredith will be going home next week, so he went to Obuasi to visit a few people there.
          The past week there was a big festival here. It was the Amonhinko; Saturday was the grandeavor.  We saw the Offinso King on his throne (or whatever), being carried with massive drums going down Main Street. It was the neatest thing I have ever seen!! It was pure African culture! We could even hear the drums from our apt the morning of!! It gave me goose bumps the whole time.
          So for Thanksgiving we didn’t get to have a big meal. All we could manage was to cook some rice and chicken in our apartment. But things are great! I only have 3 transfers left. This coming Saturday is transfer news. I hope that I stay with my son (Elder Ilunga) and that I can finish here in Offinso.
          Haha..  Well I got to go. I will do better emailing next week.  It sounds like ya’ll had a good time over Thanksgiving. Take care!
                                  Love, Elder Ty Blackburn

Monday, November 24, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,
          Well the past week has just been the norm. The usual thing. We had quite a few new investigators and are planning on having two baptisms this coming Saturday. Appiah fell through. He won’t tell us his other concern, and when we ask him a question, he just sits there. I can’t tell if he is thinking or day dreaming. But he says he will be ready for Dec. 13. Hopefully we can get to his other concern and help him. As for Rosemary and Sarah, they are ready for Saturday. We are certain they will. As for everyone else they are doing fine. We have one sister named Abrefe who is quite fascinated with what we share every time, but sometimes she about falls asleep.  But she has agreed for the 13th as well.
          We haven’t moved into the chapel yet. We are still waiting on Prosper to finalize it. I think things will start to pick up and progress once we get a place of our own that there can be peace and quiet.
          My comp is good. His English is coming along great. Time is the best thing that will help him to get it all. The transfer ends in two weeks and that is when he will be finished with his training.
          So we are in Kumasi today.  We had a Zone Activity. We went to the Bantama Chapel and played basketball and football, (soccer) and then ate fruit. We had bananas, apples, papau, and pineapple.   We seem to come to Kumasi every Monday cuz the cafe's are chicken coops in Offinso.  They take all day to send something.
          So yeah, things are going great.  I’m trying to take it all in and enjoy my 3 transfers left.  I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving. I’m not sure what we will do. The guy named Ben from Atlanta invited us a few weeks ago to come over and have turkey with him. The woman next to where he stays has an oven, so he said we could come and eat. So enjoy your holiday and eat my share too. haha… Better go! Take care!
                                   Love Ya,
                             Elder Ty Blackburn

The school where we hold church in Offinso.

A tro full of people from Offinso 
going to Stake Conference
 in Kumasi. 

Picture of a few people that 
attended Stake Conference.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Well Hello Everyone,
          It sure is nice to once again talk and email. It really does feel like when we email that we are talking on the phone or face to face. It’s kinda weird. Haha..   But yeah, it really is actually hard to imagine feeling and being cold. There are a few mornings that it may be 75 degrees and I’m walking around the apartment wrapped up in a blanket.  I start thinking that when I get home it will be 30 at nights or so and I’ll literally freeze and shiver to death.
          Anyway, the week went well. We had a lot of success with finding people and making progress. We had 12 new investigators and I’d say probably half are somewhat serious, and 3 agreed to be baptized. I think they are ready for the gospel. We are hoping for 2 baptisms on the 30th. The people we hoped for fell through and became not serious; plus one is a snake that we can’t trust. We are planning for a man named Appiah also Rosemary and maybe her sister Sarah. We will do our best this week to make them ready. But Church went well yesterday. Next week is Stake Conference, so we will come to Bantama in Kumasi for the Bantama Stake Conference.  I only have 5 months left and I hope that I can have the spirit to finish strong. Some days it just seems unbearable to go out under the sun all day, and then to have little kids chase us around; Bronie koko mache, la fichie gongo!! And then to go and contact someone that just tries to hide from us or say Mynty Brofo. Hahaha.. It’s not easy at all. But we are doing our best and trying to stay positive. Other than those things, everything else is good.
          Here in the heart of the Ashanti as usual they don’t like to speak English much, or go to school. So sometimes we cant really do a whole lot, They just need to make it a Twi speaking mission. We have a hand full of people that don’t speak English very well, so the group leader is coming with us on Tuesday to help us out,  also our RC Kwabena helped us out on Saturday.
          It is starting to get really dusty and at nights and when we are walking home sometimes you can’t really even see from all the dust from the mock 90 tro's and taxis.
          Anyway, it sure sounds like you are doing good. Thanks for everything and I hope that you can adjust to the new house. Yes I agree with the conference talk; it is always good to be improving and moving forward. We should never be satisfied for whatever is good. Keep up the good work.
                                                     Love Elder Ty Blackburn

Foggy morning in Offinso

Some fellers trying to stuff something into the tro tro that won't fit.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Everything is just cool. We had an allright week.  We just did the usual day to day thing. The person we baptized two weeks ago; yesterday we ordained him into the priesthood and now he has the Aaronic priesthood. I think that he will really be an asset to the Offinso group.  He has given us two referrals, which are also powerful.
          They have started to work on the chapel building. I don’t know if Prosper has tied it up or not. We keep on him to make sure things are getting taken care of and are followed through with. Hopefully by the end of Demember we will be in there or early January.
          We are really hoping for two baptims on the 22, but they say that they still feel like they need to repent. We are hoping and praying that they can be able to do so, and with our help it will pull through.
           Yesterday, we met a man that lived in Atlanta for 35 years. He drove taxi the whole time. He gave us a Fanta and chatted with us for 30 min or so. All he could talk about was how great America is and all the opportunities that are there for a person. Ha… It was good to talk to some one that actually knew things about the US. Most Ghanians only know New York, Chicago, Miama, and LA, and they think that Ghana feeds the world! Hahaha…
          Anyway everything else is good. Sounds like you all had a good week and are doing well. Thanks for everything and all that you do. Take care!
                         Love, E.Blackburn

Monday, November 3, 2014


Hey Everyone,
         Things here in Offinso are going just swell. For the most part everything is fine here. Yesterday’s church service went well. It seems like every week it gets better. I think we had 35 or so come. It was fast and testimony Sunday. It went better than I thought it would.  Usually in small branches or groups, it is pretty long cuz there is really no one to bear testimony after about 10 or 15 min. So me and my companion had to keep it going a little and take up some time.  haha…  Once we finished, the church next door started up their drums and speaking in tongues. Talk about a complete head ache!!
          We are hoping for a few baptisms towards the end of the month or so. One guy named Okyere wants to be baptized, but is a Seventh day Adventist.  His dad told him if he joins us he will kick him out. We will meet with him this week and try and find the best solution.  So yes, on Saturday we had a FM. (free meal) It was yam with garden egg stew; one of my favorites.
          We have gotten to know some of our neighbors that live in the same building as us. Also a few others around, they seem like pretty nice people.
          I hope you had a good Halloween.  Who all dressed up?  And yes, the holidays are pretty much here.  Thanksgiving and then Christmas, I can’t wait!!! But yeah, that is about it.  It sounds like everyone is doing well and everything is great for you guys! Thanks for everything! Best of luck this week.  Till next time.
                                       Love Elder Ty Blackburn

Picture taken from my apartment. 
It's a truck full of Oranges. (this is just a small one) You should see the big
semi's loaded up with melons or oranges going to the north.

Another picture taken from my apartment. 
It's a school doing some walk or march with drums and trumpets.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Hi All,
          Well It’s nice to once again be able to email. We came to Kumasi today because I’m fed up with the cafe's in Offinso. There’s no a/c, too slow, can't send pictures, ha.. , so we decided to come to town. We are at Yodafone cuz the other one had a fire and burnt all the wires up or something like that. Esplin and his companion are here too. Anyway, so I have officially 4 transfers left. I would like to finish in Offinso. I’m tired of being transferred.
          So Saturday, we had a baptism which was the first convert/baptism here in Offinso, it was for Kwabena Issac, and yesterday he was confirmed. It was great! Only if we could of had the others that we prepared, but hopefully next month we will have them. We had to go to Suame, which is in Kumasi for the baptism. The Offin River was also an option, but it looked pretty sketchy.  Also Pres. Holmes was going to bring more missionaries here, but we told him its too small; so we will remain at 4.
          Starting church at 8 is not a very good deal. Everyone comes around 8 thirty to nine. Luckily the church next door was not there, so we could of started at nine. The group leader asked me to give a talk 2 min before the meeting started, haha… It went pretty well. I just talked on the gospel of Jesus Christ.
          We met with the family we met the previous week. Yesterday, the dad came to church, but not the wife and kids. Maybe next week. We had a total of 30 yesterday at church, which was great. It has rained a lot lately.  The dry season will start next month or so. Thanks for all the news and updates. Have a good week! Well take care!!
                                                         Love ya, Elder Ty Blackburn

Baptism for Kwabena Isaac

Monday, October 20, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          So everything is good.  Last week went pretty well, except for about 85% of the people we contacted were either mynty brofo, or were scared from us and tried to hide. I don’t really know what they think we are, probably cops or secret agents of some kind. Ha... We weren’t able to go to Namong, but hopefully this week we will try. We are starting to have success with the few members that are here. They have given us a few referrals who seem to be ready and prepared for what we have.  Also church yesterday was fine. The group leader didn’t show up until twenty after. When he got there he told me to go and pick up this old man who is a member a few min away. I got to drive his car!!   It’s been a long 18 months of not shifting any gears. It sure felt nice, but church went well.  We were able to have 12 people come total.   They have found a place for our church services now, so we just will keep riding prosper to get the ball rolling in order for it to be ready by December.  By the looks of things, I think it will be.
          Yesterday we found a family that said we could come by within the week. They received us really well. They said we are always welcome. So hopefully we will continue to find serious people that will receive our message and not run from us or just want to talk to us because I’m white and am an American. Haha… What gets me is when we talk to people they ask me what my local language is in my hometown! Some people are sooo behind, they only know twi and do not like to go to school to learn.
          I have found another favorite food, it’s Gari and beans with red plantain. It’s really good for lunch. But that is all for here in Offinso. It sounds like everyone is doing well. I better go.  Thanks for all the news.  Best of luck this week.  Take Care! Till next time.
                                   Love Elder Ty Blackburn

Offinso street market

Offinso street view

Monday, October 13, 2014


Hi Friends and Family,
          So things have been just the normal around here. Yeah, the other churches are interesting.
The drums, speaking in tongues, singing, haha..   It’s something else for sure. Yesterday was fine. We only had one investigator (Kwabena) come to church, everyone else had some crappy excuse, but we hope they will come next week.  Kwabena will be baptized on the 25th. I think that having church start at eight is too early. Eight thirty would be perfect; almost everyone was late. Our group leader is somehow serious with the church, but needs to chill out about investigators being late. He doesn’t need to be chastising them about being late. That is our job and not his.  But for the most part he is good group leader. He has a car, so its not a problem for  him to get from Afrancho to Offinso. We hope to find more serious people this next week.  Most of the people that we are teaching have problems they need to work out and resolve before they can be baptized. We are going to go to a little town about  3 miles north of Offinso called Namong this next week. Hopefully we will have success. Half of our area is Zongo, full of Muslims and their cows. There is a certain tribe from Burkina or Niger that are called Fulanies. All they do it herd and raise cows. We are always running into them.
          Anyway, my companion is great. His English is coming along really well. It’s amazing actually!!
I can’t believe it’s been 18 months and only 6 more to go!  I really  cant believe that my time is winding down. Ever since I came I would look at missionaries almost finished with their mission and think.. Wow they are lucky! I wish I was them! Haha… But now I’m saying it to the Greenies, “You are lucky!  Make the most of your time and enjoy your mission.” About all my heroes are all gone home and now I’m taking the plate.
          So that is pretty much it for the past week.  It sure sounds like everyone is doing well and enjoying the fall weather.  That is great that Dad and Chap both got an elk. There's always good times out there getting in the middle of it all and having them run right over ya, ha… At least is wasn't as cold as it was the one year with all the snow.  It also sounds like the gather went well.  It's always quite an enjoyable outing. Anyway, next year I'll be there. I really can't picture it. I think I'll just be in shock for a few weeks, trying to believe that this actually happened. Well I best go! We’re going to Piri Piri to enjoy a bit. Have a good week!!
                             Love, Elder Ty Blackburn

My companion Elder Ilunga doing his traditional dance.

Tro tro
The major form of transportion

Monday, October 6, 2014


Hello Everyone,
          Well yeah, everything for the most part is great in Offinso. So yesterday we were able to have church in a school building.  We probably had maybe 30 or so people come, a handful of members and the rest were investigators. Our group leader is from Kumasi Kronum. He brought his family. It was a fast and testimony Sunday so no one gave talks. All four of us missionaries shared our testimony to keep things going. We also had to bless and pass the sacrament which is not a big deal. We started at 9 and got through the sacrament, and then half way through Sunday School the other church in the next room started their drums and what not, so we just stoppped and closed. Its only a 2 hour service so next week we will start at 8 and finish at 10 to avoid the noise. They said that the building will be ready in December, so will just have to deal with it for a few months. Everything else is alright. We are hoping at least for 2 baptisms towards the end of the month, Joyce and Sompomah.
          So the market picture I sent you is a  market on our way to Kumasi from Offinso. The one at Offinso is similar; we have two. The people here are the same as in Nkawkaw for the most part. Everything is the same except they are two different tribes, the Ashanti and Kwahu. The Ashanti is in Offinso and the Kwaho is in Nkawkaw.  Yeah it seems like all the West Africans are all similar in their stature. Overall they are littler people.
          But yeah as for the packages, I have the one Gr. Becky sent me. I gave the ties to recent converts in Nkawkaw. I got one of your packages and one of Gr. Lindas on Wednesday at Zone Conference. Thanks!!! I only have the one shoe though, I hope the other one makes it soon. That is pretty much everything. Thanks for everything! Have a good week!
                                          Love Elder Ty Blackburn

Here's a picture of who was in attendance at our first church meeting 
in Offinso held in a local school building. 

The market on our way from Offinso to Kumasi.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Well for the most part everything is swell. We have had power and water most of the time last week, and not too much else has went wrong. When we don’t have power, we can still cook. We have a propane stove and it’s pretty handy. Buts as for water, we have to go down and fetch it from the lady that sells it. We usually cook rice, indomie, bread and egg. Yeah, come to think of it that is pretty much all we eat. Oh and yeah, we eat oats.  Sometimes we buy fried rice, or go to the chop bar and buy fufu. Our apartment is the top level of the building and I am getting tired of climbing stairs. The last apartment I was in was also up stairs. But yeah, my companions name is Elder Ilunga. For the most part his hygiene is good. I gave him some roll on deodorant to have. He didn’t come with a towel so we had to get him one. He stays clean, bathes twice a day, and I made him buy some cologne. ha… He came from a large family and doesn’t have a dad. The other day he was having a rough time so we sat down and talked one - one English and he was OK afterwards. His English is improving. He can read and speak alright it’s just to hear and comprehend what people say to him.
          Anyway, yesterday we didn’t have church in Offinso. We had to go down to Kronum. Between the both of us missionaries we were able to round up 8 people to come to church. Next week they told us we will be in a school. It will only be for 2 hours. The members here are not serious at all. We are going to have to figure out some way for them to warm up to us. Anyway, we will most definitely have a few baptisms for October; but finding a place for it to happen will be a challenge.  We’ll probably have to go to Suame which is near Kumasi. They have a font there. We have a pretty solid teaching pool, but we haven’t got a fm (free meal) yet. It’s nothing like Nkawkaw, having them 2-3 times a week. But we are managing.
          So thanks for the email.  I can’t believe October is here already and the year is coming to an end. Sounds like you are doing well and working hard. I hope you enjoy the pictures.  Well best go. Take care! Have a good week! Love ya!
                                         Love Elder Ty Blackburn

My Companion Elder Ilunga 
from Congo

My Apartment in Offinso.  
It's pretty nice but it's up a lot of stairs.

A Prophetess preaching on the streets.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Well the past week was full of chaos! Tuesday we left for Kumasi and got to the mission home around 10 for Elder Andersen to have his DL training. So pretty much all day I just chilled with Elder Holmes who is an office elder with Elder Ruske. We drove around Daban and ran errands for Sister Holmes. I slept over in their apartment and on Wednesday I went to the mission home and picked up my companion. He is from Congo and speaks very little English; only French for the most part. He is trying his best, but it’s going to take a while for him to grasp everything.
          The other missionaries in our apartment  are Elder Gibson from Idaho and Elder Ahwehevu.  Our apartment is nice and pretty big but its on the 4th floor of the place, the top level! We had power out from Wednesday to Sunday morning. Talk about suffrage!! And also no water for 3 of the days!  If it wasn’t for the rain we would of died. But now I think that it’s alright. We also don’t have a place to have church. Yesterday we took things into our own and we went to Kronum and talked to the Bishop and Stake President. We now know that Offinso is a group and our group leader will drive from Kronum every Sunday to do so. But we will be worshipping in a school for the time being until they can find a place for us. We have found about all the members here, there are I think 8 or so. We are planning on an FM on Wednesday. It will be the first here in Offinso. ha… But we are managing small small.
          My camera is out of batteries so I wasn’t able to take any pics. But now that we came to town I can buy some few things. Offinso is about 45 min outside of Kumasi on the Techiman road. But yeah, that is about it for the happenings here. Sorry for so short of email. Take Care! Love ya! Have a great week!
                                                               Love Ty

Monday, September 15, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Thanks for the birthday greetings!  I’m not sure if am suppose to be 21. Ha..  But I guess it has come. I never thought I would be to this point. I just thought I would be a litttle kid my whole life and I would never get old!! haha. But yeah, the day was alright. We went to church, had Attah's baptism, went and saw a few people, took some pictures, had a fm (free meal) at a members. They fed us banku with groundnut & chicken.
          O yes, I forgot! So I am being transferred from Nkawkaw to Ofinso in the Ashanti region. It’s another village.  It’s a brand new area, and new a new branch. I’m also training again. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be a challenge. We’ll probably have to do everything in church like talks and teaching etc. I’m not quite sure but we will see how it is. Ha.. So I guess this is the answer to "There is more work to be done Elder!” But I feel like I came here to do what I have done and have accomplished the task. I’m going to miss Nkawkaw for sure.  All the people I have helped bring into the fold and seeing the joy and blessings they now have and are receiving gave me exceeding joy yesterday as I was giving my last testimony.  Also at Attah's baptism; that will be a birthday I will never forget. It was powerful!!  His wife even came and seemed like she like it.  It was a great gift. But yeah, I didn’t do much for fun. I had ice cream and cookies with some drinks. I’m definitely going to miss the mountains here, and all the little creeks everywhere. Anyway, Andersen is staying for his last 6 weeks and Elder Hoffman is coming to replace me. They are bringing 4 more missionaries to Nkawkaw. They have another apt. on the other side of town for them.
         That’s pretty much it. I go to Kumasi tomorrow cuz Andersen is being made DL for his last transfer and he is going to the mission home for training.  I’ll sleep in the AP's apartment and Wednesday I’ll get my son (companion) and head for Ofinso with 2 other missionaries.
          We are going for another FM at a members for lunch today. We never know what it will be, so we just expect the worst! Haha.. Its’ bad to say, but it is what happens most the time. I can't think of anything else that has happened this past week.  All I know is that I’m going to Ofinso which means I’ll have to give it all I’ve got and do my best. The place has never had missionaries or the church so a lot of contacting to do. Ha…
          Well it sure sounds like you are doing well and are getting things done and taken care of for fall. Yeah, I guess its that time of year. You better get some rest before the games begin. I’m going to miss the gather but next year is upon us. Well better go! Thanks for the email. Have a good week! Take care!
                                                               Love Elder Ty Blackburn

Saying goodbye to a family in Nkawkaw

Attah's baptism

                Old Train Station

fm- free meal at a member house

Monday, September 8, 2014

POSt 72

Hi Everyone,
          Ha… So everything is just the norm around here. First of all, we have had power about half the time this past week. Today we came to town and there was no network at the café.  And then there’s no money in my missionary money account!! I was about to just let loose on someone or something!!! Then to top it all off, the power goes out again!!!!! Talk about patience barometer going over the top!! Ha.. But now I think that everything is fine. We have come to town for the third time now. So I think that it’s OK. We had to go to the other bank called Barclays. Anyway, enough about that.
          Yesterday we confirmed Bernard. Sister Ofori came late, so we will confirm her next week. They finally found a solution to the water ordeal at the chapel. They put a pump on the pipe and then it blew all the rubbish out. Haha.. Brilliant! So now we can have a baptism on Sunday.  We are planning to baptize this guy named Attah. He is about as humble as can be. We are suppose to baptize his wife and 2 kids next month.
          Here in the village things are not easy. It seems like everyday there is something. We had a run in with our lunatick landlord who was either drunk or high. She proceeded to take down our drying lines; meanwhile, the whole time I was asking her who she is and why. She also wanted to see the inside of our place.  I called Cooper who is over all the mission apartments and he said to let her in if she’s the landlord. So we did.  She was speaking twi really loud. Haha… We haven’t heard from her since, so she was just really drunk. The small things like that all add up till it seems like you can’t take it any longer. But it seems like there is always a way out and I manage to pull through.
          Anyway,  I’m thinking that I may be leaving Nkawkaw.  President Holmes came yesterday and interviewed me. I asked him if I would be staying or going. He just put his hands on his knees and leaned forward looked at the ceiling for about 10 seconds and then said, "Yes, you may be leaving!" Ha… Talk about a shock!! I asked him to where. Ha.. He said,"I should be patient till Friday, and that there is more work to be done!" Hah… What does that mean?? Anyway, I guess I’ll just hurry and wait till Friday. Somehow I feel like I have come here to accomplish something, and that was to get the members involved with missionary work, and it is happening. So we will see.
          O and yes, I think I may of put on a few more lbs. All the heavy foods people like to stuff us with is working. So take care!! Have a good week! Thanks for everything!
                                      Love ya,
                          Elder Ty Blackburn

 Its mashed plantain with other stuff in it spices etc.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          I hope you had a good time on the mountain and was able to relax a little, kick back, and drink a mineral. Haha.. Also, I hope you were able to get some cattle moved and into the right place,
          Anyway, the past week went over quite well.  We were able to have the baptism yesterday due to Gods grace. We had the water ready in the tank, but on Saturday I guess someone cleaned it out. Instead of flushing it out the right hole, they flushed it down the pipe that goes under the chapel and into the font.  The line was full of moss and rubbish which ended up in the font. But as I said, by the grace we were able to pull it off. A member rounded up a bunch of his neighbor kids and had them fetch water for about thirty minutes. It was a powerful experience!! Elder Roach has a few pics I’ll send them next week.
          We baptized Sister Felicia Ofor and Bernard. Both are part member families. So slowly small small we will get them all. We also had 8 come yesterday to church, which is another blessing as well.
          So we went to our Branch Presidents place on Thursday and I found out that our Branch President raises grass cutters and rabbits. I had never seen a live grass cutter.  It looks like a great big prairie dog with a roman nose. I didn’t have my camera or else I would of taken a picture, but next time I’ll have to. He breeds them and sells them for big money.  One medium sized one would be about 80 cedis. Now they are saying that bush meat should not be eaten, but who knows the Ghanaians will still probably eat grass cutter.
          So no, we haven’t gone back to Afram. Maybe next transfer or something. Also when we were there, that was when I saw the spider.
          On Monday me and Andersen almost got hit by a bus. We did some mighty fine footwork for a few seconds or we would of been road kill; and it was right next to a big wash, so we were pretty lucky. We also saw a door of a small car get flung off by a dump truck. That scared us completely to death!! I’d say we are lucky to be alive. Haha…  So that is pretty much our week.  I hope you all
have a good week and are able to relax. Before you know it, it will be fall. Love ya! Take care!
  Love Elder Ty Blackburn

Eating fufu with Elder Anderson (my companion from Texas)

Baptism day for Sister Ofori and Bernard.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hello Family and Friends,
          Yesterday the cafe didn’t have any network so that is why I wasn’t able to email. But I have a few min to email today.
          So everything is good. This Sunday we are planning on baptizing Bernard and Sister Ofori. Today I went with Elder Williams to Konongo for an instruction and Andersen went with Carpenter up to Mpraeso for district meeting. We just barely got back and this evening Mathebe is coming on splits with me, so somehow a lot to do today. But week went well.
          We had  7 people come on Sunday which was great. During sacrament we usually bless the sacrament. One time we had to do both bless and pass. But now its pretty good. Most of the members don’t show up till after the sacrament. But things are moving forward. Last night we went to a family home evening. We had mineral and biscuits as dessert, or as they say it here, “sweet after meals”. haha…
          My time is gone. Sorry for the short email. Have fun on the mountain.  Love you all!! Take care. Thanks for everything!!
                                               Love Ty

Very large spider

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          All is well and I’m doing fine. The sun some days wants to just pin me down and burn me to a stubble. Other than that, I'm doing great. Haha..
          So Elder Roach is training a new missionary who’s from Uganda.  Tushabe is his name.  Yeah, we get along for the most part, but a few things we don’t agree on inside the apartment. Mostly all of us cook our own food. Last transfer we all pretty much ate together, but this one we will probably mostly be on our own. We buy some of our food at the market, some at the small crappy Melcom, and then the rest like eggs and bread, stuff like that is just around the apartment.
          So we have had a good week. We had 6 come to church yesterday, and have found some more people that are prepared for the gospel. It seems like most of the members have caught a fever about missionary work and helping us. When I first came to this area I thought the people were not serious and hard to teach, but now it seems like we cant keep up with all the people we have that want us to teach them. We will just be teaching someone and another one will come in and join and become interested in what we have to say. So yes, I truly believe that he is blessing all of us.  Also about every other night it seems like someone is feeding us and catering small to us. Ha.. Hopefully on the 31st we will have 2 baptisms for sister Ofori and Fabio. Cynthia didn’t come to church yesterday, she said she was too late. She also wants us to come to her church. Haha.. Her uncle seems quite serious about the gospel as well. His name is Timothy, he likes his booze. But once we taught him the Word of Wisdom he said he would stop. When he started reading the pamphlete as we were leaving, he said that was just what he needed to get him to quit; Joseph Smith was right! Haha… He also says he wants to be baptized. So we are being blessed and are doing well in Nkawkaw. Most of the people now that we are preparing for baptism are part member family members. It will be nice once the few families we are working with will finally be complete.
          So that is our week. I can’t think of anything else. It sounds like the Worlds Fair was fun and everyone had a good time.   Gr. Becky sent me pictures of the float of SSP.  It looked like quite the shindig…haha…  That is a bad deal with Kent. Jeez, not good at all!!  I always remember him at the auction sitting there all day and then buying some junk at the end of the sale. So my time is out. Take care! Thanks for all you do! Have a good week!!
                       Love Elder Ty Blackburn

Me and some other missionaries.

Humble homes in Nkawkaw.

One of the many advertisements for church. haha...

Monday, August 11, 2014


Hey Everyone,
          The past week has been good. On Wednesday we left Nkawkaw and headed to Kumasi to go and get our new companions.  I got to see a lot missionaries I haven’t seen in a while; Nielson and Meredith for instance, and also a lot of greenies! Haha…
          My new companion is cool. We don’t have too much in common other than we are from the US,  and we like the same kind of foods and stuff. Haha…, But not too much else.  He likes video/computer games, books etc. Anyway, we get along and do well together in our teaching.  We had a successful week. We had 7 of our inv. came to church yesterday, and even Cynthia came. She said she really liked it and will come next week. She walked from her house which is like 2-3 miles. Ha… Also Sister Asamoah wants to be baptized on the 24th, and also Fabio hopefully. James recieved the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and was ordained to the office of a priest. So he can help with the sacrament now. We are working with our members and trying our best to help them. About everywhere we went to teach someone last week there was a member with us.
          So the ebola hasn’t officially came to Ghana. There was a man in the north, Bolgatanga area from Burkina Faso that died and had somehow of the same symptoms. But it hasn’t been confirmed as ebola. It’s a serious deal. Plenty of people have died from it in the 3 countries Liberia, Sierre Leone, and Guinea.  I guess its in Nigeria now, but they said they are trying to keep it contained. We will be alright though, no need to worry. Ha…
          Anyway sounds like everything back home with everyone is going good. I can’t believe that you are starting school already. It honestly feels like you just got out! Ha.. Well good luck this week. I hope all goes well for ya and you have a good one. So thanks for the info about the shoein school. I was actually able to get on and check it out.  I think I’ll do it for sure!! We will continue to talk about it. So better go! Thanks for everything!!
                          Love ya,  Elder Ty Blackburn

Monday, August 4, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Yes August is here already. I can’t really believe that I have been on mission this long, and it seems like I’ll be home soon. Elder Sesay is being transferred to a place in Kumasi and my new companion will be Elder Anderson from Texas. It’s the same Anderson that was in Obuasi a year ago with me in the same apartment. We will have a good time here in the village. He goes home in October, so I will probably be with him till he dies, (goes home) So I could be here till January.  Elder Kaufusi is also being transferred to Sunyani to be ZL with Elder Barker.
          But yeah, yesterday we had 5 people come to church. It has rained for the past 2 Sundays in a row in the mornings, and it has an effect on the people coming on time. Our branch starts at 8 thirty and most of them don’t show up till nine and not many get the sacrament. But eventually the turn out is pretty good. We usually have around 30 or so people come. The water fall on the cliff was really purging due to all the rain that has been coming. We have been wanting to go up there, they say there is a big pool where it falls. People go there and swim. Maybe one of these days we'll go.
          About the Ebola virus; it is true. They have shut Liberia and Sierra Leone missions down. We are getting 8 of those missionaries here in the Kumasi mission. They will finish their missions here, but for sure I’ll have to start being more careful with the stuff I touch and the kind of places that I go. Sounds like a nasty deal, but I will be OK.
          Anyway so you asked about the guy that pretty much saved my life. Yes, he does work there at the hospital. He is a doctor or one of the nurses. He’s a great big guy. My chest hurt for a week after he pumped on my chest during my ordeal with Malaria. haha…
          That is about it for the news, So could you do some small research about the horse shoeing school; the one Dillon went to in Oklahoma? I have tried but the internet is too crappy here. Also, I think I may as well go to Snow for one year and see how things go. So if you could do that it would be great. Anway better go! Thanks for everything! Have a good week!
                                      Love Elder Ty Blackburn

This is a view of part of my area. 
(I'm standing on the Chapel wall).


Monday, July 28, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          We had a pretty good week here, not too much heat. It was nice going out cuz you didn’t have to squint. It rained a few times, not too much really happened just that August is here already and I can’t believe it. Time somehow seems to slip away when we just go and forget about it, and that seems to be happening. Ever since my year mark I don’t really think about it much anymore. I like to tease the greenies once in while and ask them when they go home and then laugh. I probably shouldn’t do it but it is necessary once in a while.  Haha..
          So yesterday we had 2 baptisms, Belinda and Mary.  They are I think 9 or 10, a recent convert nieces. So we reached our goal for the month of July for baptisms. Next month we are preparing a few more as well.  We are teaching Cynthia. She sells waakye whick is rice and beans with peppers and a few other things. She will come to church next week she says. She had a funeral to go to yesterday. Another is Sistera Asamoah, she is a members wife. She doesn’t speak any English so we have to have someone translate. She says the first time she stepped into the church, she knew it was the true church. That was something of a shock, coming from Roman Catholic to LDS. But we will probably baptize her the middle of August or so. Then we have Benjamin. He is also Catholic, but is powerful. He knows the Bible really well, and actually listens and asks good questions. So those are a few of our people. Yesterday, we had 7 come to church, so we are being very blessed here in our area.
          Yesterday afternoon after church and the baptisms we came to Kumasi and stayed in Boukrom with Esplin and Agbeko. We had a pretty good time. Today we came to town to enjoy a nice internet café and I think we are going to Piri Piri for pizza, Kinghorn is also here.
          So the twi is coming along great, cuz everyone speaks it and doesn’t like to speak brofo (English). I can’t really spell or write it, but I can somehow carry a small conversation on with someone. Anyway yeah, I have recovered from the nasty malaria. I’m going to try and go back there to the place, (the hospital)  but its really far from our place, so I may not be able to. The guy that pretty much saved my life, I would like to go and thank him and visit a little with him. He was even asking about the church when we were there. I think that the Mraeso Elders are teaching him now. He stays at the top of the Mt. which is Mraeso. So maybe one day I’ll go back there. But things are moving along.  There is a German kid that we see every Monday in town and is a cool guy. We have thought about trying to teach him. That would be cool to baptize a white guy here in Ghana!! He says he is doing volunteer work or something, and has been here 10 months. He goes back in September. Anyway that’s our week here. Thanks for the updates on everything. Have fun at the reunion and dad and don’t be gettin bucked off again! Ha..  I wish you the best in all you do. Take care! May god speed!
                                     Love, Ty

Monday, July 21, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          So this past week went over pretty well. Yesterday we had 8 people at church which was powerful. But no, Fabio didn’t come to church. I guess she is still in Accra or something. So sometime in August we will baptize her. We found a few new people to teach this week.  One is named Cynthia, she gave us fufu on Wednesday with goat, it was pretty good. I had to show my companion how to eat it.  You just don’t eat it by pinching it, you have to use your fingers like scissors to chop it.  Haha... Sesay is doing good though. We think that he and Kaufusi will be leaving this next transfer, which is in two weeks.
          On Saturday Kaufusi and I were on splits and went to do some baptismal interviews for the Zone Leaders in a place called Domeabra. (its near Konongo)  It’s a really small village that I don’t know how they can stay busy all day in.  So we went to a members house, and we were going to take one of the kids with us to go and teach Steven. So they said we should wait, and we sat down. A few minutes later here they come bringing us Banku and Okra soup with fish and some other type of meat that I would soon find out what it was. Turns out it was grass cutter.  It wasn't too bad this time, seems like I don't mind eating the food anymore. Haha…  I ate small and fed the rest to the cats. So we got back to Nkawkaw around 9. It's kinda scary driving at nights, cuz the tro drivers don’t care how fast they go; full throttle, petal to the metal!!! We about got in a couple of head ons.  There's a lot of rolling hills and people are careless. But it is all good. We are protected.
          Anyway that was pretty much our week. It’s been raining quite a bit lately and there’s lots of fog in the mornings.  That sure is a cool picture of you guys at Calf Creek. Chap looks like he is taller than Belle and Mom now. I hope that dad heals from his break and gets back to work. Haha…  So thanks for the email.  Have a good a successful week.  Take Care!! Love ya all!!
                                  Elder Ty Blackburn

This is the Nkawkaw chapel.

Here's a pic of a place in our area.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Hi All,
         Yeah, this past week has been pretty successful. We found a few new places in our area that may have future potential, with serious people and possible future converts. We found 8 new investigators, and gave some of them baptismal dates for August. We will see what happens his week with them. Yesterday we had six people come to church and last week was only three. So this week was great!! So yeah, Fabio is around 22 or so. She is James's sister. We baptized him the last Sunday in June. So now he is doing missionary work already. This next week he will be going to a YSA activity to Kumasi. So he is doing well and getting involved with the branch. He told us that he has found a new job working for Metro Mass and his boss there wants to help him finish his schooling, so he understands that all this is because of the step that he made towards Heavenly Father through baptism, and now he is being blessed.
           Jeez that isn’t good at all about dad. You need to get rid of that nag and play it safe with sound horses.  It sounds like it could of been worse.  I mean getting threw off into a lava bed; my gosh talk about luck right there!! With only a cut and a sprain, maybe a small break.  Yeah, the picture I saw of that nag, I could tell that it had a side to it, BECAUSE ITS GRAY!!!  Haha…  Should of known it would come out with the buck. Haha… Seems like that is a dominant trait in the color. But I hope that you are feeling better and getting loosened back up. Can’t believe it, but Yes, you said it, “Cuz there is a missionary in the family you were protected.” It could have been a lot worse!!  I pray for you guys safety and protection every day and night. So get feelin better would ya!!
          Anyway, not too much else has happened. It hasn’t rained for a week or so. When you get ready to send a package you can send some more of those summer sausages and a cake or cookie mix with pictures. I bought some cheese and crackers in Kumasi.  It goes pretty good with the sausages. haha..   I
think that I may be gaining back my weight. I bought some mayo and have been putting extra on my egg sandwiches, so maybe that will help. Anyway, have a good week and enjoy your summer break. Thanks for everything and all that you do. Take care!!
                                     Love ya,  
                                Elder Blackburn

Monday, July 7, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          The past week was pretty good. We went to Kumasi on Friday morning for Zone Conference. I woke up before everyone else at 5, took a shower, warmed some water on the stove, had a bowl of corn flakes, and I was ready while everyone else was scramblin around. We were on tro by 15 after 6 and it took us a little over 3 hours to get there. It was about all up hill the whole way. When we got into Kumasi there was some traffic that probably took 40 min to get out of it. But we got to Bantama Chapel around 9:40, so it wasn’t too bad at all in order for it to start at ten. It was a good conference. My favorite part was the food. I had them heap up the rice and tried to get them to give me the biggest piece of chicken. Haha… It was really good!  Conference won't happen again till October, so I may as well try and get all I can.  After it was over me and Sesay headed for town. It took us about 40 min or so; we went to Opoku trading and Melcom. We bought some few things and we were off to Boukrom. We met Agbeko and Esplin at the chapel. We talked for about an hour or so, then we went to the apartment. Agbeko cooked some rice and we had a good time. Agbeko, Esplin and I talked till around 1 or so. Haha…   The next morning we left around 11:30, got a tro in Kejetia and headed back to Nkawkaw.  So we had a good time in Kumasi and spending the night in Boukrom with Esplin and Agbeko.
          Yeah, I guess I have fully recovered from that horrible, crappy, sickness Malaria. I lost like 8 or ten pounds or so. When I went to Zone Conference, a few people said I had gotten skinnier and taller since I left Kumasi. Haha.. I guess that’s not a bad thing.
          So things here are OK. We are teaching our recent convert James, and we are teaching his sister. Her name is Fabio and she will be getting baptized on the 19th of this month. Also we are somehow teaching a guy named Emile.  His church fell or something. Hahaha… I told him that now is the best time to come to our church and to come and visit. But still even that his church is in pieces he won’t come.  The guy is stubborn as a mule!! But hopefully someday he will come around. When ever we teach people especially for the first time, they will never forget that missionaries taught me this, and they asked me to do a few things to know if it is true. So we are pretty much planting seeds that will hopefully sprout and bear fruit for themselves one day.
          Anyway, thanks for all the news and keeping me updated on all the happenings. I never got a picture of the hospital.  Maybe one day when I pass by again. I hope to never be there again though. And yeah, the place we went to last week was what I would say is the REAL Africa. It was pretty cool to go and see some new things and tourist attractions. Well better go. Thanks for all you do. Love ya! Take care!
                                                       Love  Elder Ty Blackburn

This is my apartment in Nkawkaw.  
It is on the top floor where the laundry is hanging.

Monday, June 30, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          I am truly grateful for modern day medicine and technology dealing with my malaria.  Over here in Africa though I think its like the 1960's when we look and compare Ghana to U.S. standard of hospitals. But it wasn’t too bad.  I got in and out with not too much havick. I have about fully recovered from the malaria. To be honest, I can only remember probably not even half of what has really happened this past week and half. So I am grateful to be here and to be alive still as a missionary, although I think that I came close to stepping into the Spirit World a few times. Haha.. I know that Heavenly Father pushed me to the limit both physically and spiritually, and I believe that I have grown closer, have gained more trust and respect for him as well.
          Anyway so today for P-day we went to a place called AFram Plains. It’s about 45 min. north of Nkawkaw. Its’ a really big river that is a tributary to Lake Volta. We were going to cross on a ferry, but just as we were showin up it was already launched. We decided to take the small boats across to the other side to a little town. We got there and walked around. We tried to find something to eat. We finally found a place that sold fried rice and chicken. On our way we saw plenty of cows.  These ones actually looked healthy and fat. We also saw quite a few fish; and they said that there were leapards around, but we didn’t get to see any. Afram Place is where the Mt. range ends and its just becomes plains, flat for miles and miles. It’s more of a Savannah rather than a jungle.  We saw plenty of little fishermen in their hand carved boats setting their nets. So as you can tell it’s a cool place. I  would like to go back and see it again before I leave Nkawkaw.
          This coming Friday Elder Sesay and I are going to Boukrom to stay the night.  Friday is Zone Conference with the Obuasi, Asuoyeboah, and Bantama Zones.   We will be staying in my old apartment with Elder Esplin and  my old companion Elder Agbeko.  It will be nice to see and visit with them.
          Anyway I hope you like the pictures. Also about Elwood,  I wish he could hang on till I get back. If you get the chance tell him hello and tell him thanks for all that he has done for me. But I thank you all for everything, your prayers and your thoughts; they are truly answered and heard from up above. Well best go and take care. Love ya,
                                                   Elder Ty Blackburn

Stopping at a rock formation.  
On our way to Afram Plains.

Me and my companion Elder Sesay from Sierre Leone

Man in boat

Hand made boats

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Well this week has been really really not too good at all. It all started on Wednesday. I started feeling sick and light headed. So around 2 or so we went back to the apartment, ate lunch, and then rested the rest of the day cuz I felt like crap. Thursday morning it seemed better so we went out and had 3 lessons. We came back ate lunch and I started to feel light headed and like I was going to pass out. So Friday morning we went to the hospital and they did a lab test of my blood sample and I have malaria!! Yeah, not fun at all. I started taking the medication that evening and today is when it should finish. I still feel like crap at the moment. It’s mainly just my stomach now. If only I can keep the stuff I eat down, and not throw it up. Freaking sun and the weather doesn’t help out at all!! Just be glad that you live in North America where such crappy viruses and illnesses don’t usually occur. So I hope I get better really soon. I won’t be going out to proselyte till I get better.
          Our proselyting area is around the apartment, which isn’t too bad. It’s just that not really anyone is serious. We take a taxi to a place called Amanfrom and that is where we baptized a guy yesterday from. His name is James. His sister will be getting baptized sometime in July. Most people we contact or try to teach usually try hiding from us, run away, or pretend they don’t speak English. We were able to pin down our Land Lord about our ceiling, so now it’s fixed. No more worries about mice getting in. So that’s about it for my week.  Just keep me in your prayers.. Thanks for everything!!
                                         Love ya,
                                   Elder Ty Blackburn

Monday, June 16, 2014


Hi All,
         It is good here in Nkawkaw.  As usual it rains everyday. We are at a real crappy cafe today. The other one was packed with people, so I guess you will have to wait till next week for the pictures.
          Our apartment has a hole in the ceiling. We keep telling the Landlord but he won’t come and fix it. It’s going to fall in soon. Every time it rains it gets worse small. I was thinking I could just do it myself. I could go and buy some nails and a few small pieces of wood. Soon we will be getting mice, and we already have tons of spiders.
          I’m getting tired of the same thing everyday all day. On Saturday I went on splits with Kaufusi in his area. It was nice to be in the town part of Nkawkaw and actually have serious people to teach and find. This next Saturday and Sunday will be the Nkawkaw District Conference. President and Sister Holmes will be there and the Reiss's. So that’s something to look forward to.
          My companion is cool! This week is transfer news, so we will be knowing if anyone is coming or going. Tomorrow we are traveling to Konongo for a Zone Meeting, so I get to have a small vacation. Haha..
          Sounds like you enjoyed Fathers day with everyone.  I hope you are doing good and taking care of your selves. Love you all and good luck!!
                                          Love, Elder Ty Blackburn

Monday, June 9, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Well here it is Monday again!! The weeks somehow seem to be going faster and faster. Next week is already transfer news.  I can’t believe it! So I have been doing well, nothing too much has really happened here in the Bush. Yeah, so in the picture last week, my companion Elder Sesay is next to me.  Elder Kaufusi on the end is from Roosevelt. (he’s Tongan, but was born in Utah). Elder Roach is from Virginia. We all get a long really well.
          So Nkawkaw is cool. We’re planning on having a baptism for Steven.  We have also found an old man named Sampson. He is somehow blind and can’t see too well, but he is powerful!! The first time we met him he asked us if we do healings and teachings. Haha… We began to teach him, and yesterday we went back. The whole time I could tell that he was feeling the Spirit and knew that this was true. He was asking the right questions that led to the next principle of Lesson 1: The Restoration. Next time we go we will extend a Baptismal date. I really believe that this man is truly prepared for us and the restored gospel.   Kaufusi and Roach had 5 baptisms yesterday, so they are doing really well!! Our area is far from the chapel, and we don’t have really too many active and serious members to help us out. We are trying our best little by little.
          It has been raining everyday as I have said before. Thursday we came back for lunch around 2 and it started to rain, then it didn’t stop till early Friday morning. We were lucky that we were in doors or else we could of got stuck somewhere all day. It rains so hard that if feels like hail is hitting you.  On every building they have tin roofs so it gets pretty loud.
          On Tuesday we watched a car crash happen! No one was hurt but it was something else to see. There was this guy going to turn left with a bunch of cars behind. He was waiting for the oncoming ones to pass so he could turn. So just as he is turning a car from way behind starts coming around and T-Bones him on the drivers side!! The driver flew over into the passengers seat and almost fell out of the window!! We saw it all. We were coming down the hill when it all happened. In about 20 sec. about half the village was there. It was something else!!
          That is cool about the missionary from Eq. Guinea. Yeah, it’s like right under Camaroon, which is under Nigeria. I’m pretty sure the church is there. I think they may speak French?
           Well thanks for everything and for keeping me updated on all the happenings.  I hope that you can get some hay baled and put up into the stack this week. My thoughts and prayers are always with you.  Take care! Love ya!
                                            Elder Ty Blackburn


View of the mountain with a waterfall from the rains.
(The mountain really is bigger than it looks) 

                        Nkawkaw before a rain storm.

                                                                                                   Nkawkaw's humble homes.