Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Monday, February 23, 2015


Hi Everyone,
          Today is good. We came to Kumasi and accomplished a few moves this morning. Yes, last week I sent the snake skin from the Kumasi Post Office. It’s in a big brown padded envelope. I hope it gets there. It cost me 50 cedis to send it, which is like 20 dollars.
          Anyway, things are fine here in Offinso.  We had 6 investigators come to church yesterday. We were planning on baptizing Owusu John, but we didn’t get all the lessons in; so this next week are planning on it.  He also is very happy to become a member of the church. We are also planning on having a few more in March; maybe 5 solid people.
          So yeah, every week the chapel is full. Every Sunday I give my seat to someone and go and stand out in the little over flow thing. The chapel is real close to our apartment, like maybe a 10 min walk. It’s  just across the ridge.   I usually get the chance to share my testimony every fast and testimony Sunday. I always thank them for their hospitality and kindness to us. It always seems to make them light up and smile. It will be a little strange going from people that possess nothing to going back to people that possess everything in their day to day lives. Haha… It will be quite the change! It may be a bit bigger than me actually coming to Ghana.  Well enough of that!!
          So I got the email of the dress measurements. I’ll give them to her tonight or tomorrow. She is really good. It will be cool to have them.
          It sounds like the fast went well, and the blessings are starting to come.  We know that as we always try to remember him, he will surely remember us. Well best go. Take care!
                                          Love ya,  Ty

Monday, February 16, 2015


Hi Everyone,
          Yeah you said it.. Hot!!!  Everyday it looks like it will rain, but by 10 or so the sun is blazing and scorching.  We just walk down the dirt roads and I can hardly open my eyes to look ahead.  My squinting is beyond squinting.  All of the sun glasses I have bought have been crap, so I have stopped buying.  I’m just going to hold out and get burnt.  Other than that, things are fine.
          We didn’t have too many of our investigators come to church yesterday, only 5.  But the thing that is good is that all of our people we have baptized are there every Sunday, and they are helping the branch grow. The one gave a talk last week which was powerful. She asked us to help her a little on her talk; it turned out really good.
          Yesterday, we went to Bantama to have the baptisms, since there was no water in Suame. We went to the Stake Center. My companion and I had three baptisms.  Two of them were Joyce's daughters who are 10 and 12. We are working on making Joyce's family all members. The other guys are teaching her parents and siblings. She was the first person we contacted our first day in Offinso, and now is one of the strongest members. The other baptism was a guy named Kelvin. He’s a teacher and is really smart. I think we will start to have him teach the investigators class. I forgot my camera the day of the baptisms, but E. Gibson took a picture. The computer won’t read it so maybe next week.  Also, next week we are planning on baptizing Owusu John.
          I really can’t believe that my departure is at hand. I received my flight itinerary today from Sister Preator who is the mission secretary. She  asked me what airport I wanted to alight at.  Salt Lake is what I said. I think they will also be on the same flight. They are getting released with us as well. But as I look back it seems somehow of a big flash. From the beginnning till today it feels like a long time, but really it is not. I am humbled and comforted as I look back upon my journey here in Ghana. I know that I did my best and gave it my all to help and bless others. Even to be an instrument in the Lords hands to bring his children to the full knowledge of him, and all the blessings that are attached as they partake of his gospel.
          As for the zoo visit last week. It wasn’t anything like Hogle, but it was cool. All African animals of course. As for the monkeys, they are something else! One male wanted to fight us.  He was throwing fruit at us, and about ripped Elder Richmonds hand off. There was a little baby doing tricks and showing off for us. I have a video I’ll have to show you all when I return.
          So as for the dresses you can mix and match color or design to what ever you want.  I will need your choice by next Monday, so she can start for the three of you, if that is what you guys want.
          Well next week is transfer news. I’m pretty certain I’ll be staying to die in Offinso. Maybe with Ilunga, that would be correct revelations.  But that is about all. Take care, till next week.
                                Love, Elder Ty Blackburn

Monday, February 9, 2015


Hi Everyone,
          Well I guess things are fine here. Still no lights, it’s the same thing every week.  I think that it is starting to effect me mentally. I am starting to have hallucinations about going home. Haha…… It’s way tooooo hot! We are always buying water everywhere we pretty much go everyday. But we still somehow seem to pull through from day to day.
          We had 9 of our people come to church, which was good. We are planning for 3 baptisms this Sunday, and then hopefully 2 the next Sunday. We have found people that have really been prepared to receive us. It’s not easy to get someone enthused about the gospel or church. It seems like it usually takes a person a few visits to really make trust, and then we can start to be friends. One of our investigators is Owusu John. He is a powerful guy. On the second visit he explained the first five chapters of 1nephi better than I would of. We didn’t even ask him to read it, but he did anyway. Everyone else is good. There’s still quite a bit of persecutions, anti-doctrine, about the church, the gospel, Book of Mormon, and such. Haha.. Some of their ideas are flat out hilarious to even say and think.  We just laugh when they say such things!
          Today we went to the Kumasi zoo.  We had some monkeys try to run us off by throwing bananas and oranges.  I got a front row seat with a little elephant and also a camel!
          So Mom, would you, Belle and Bryler want a dress or something from here.  I  could send a picture chart next week of one you want.  The woman said all I need is a picture of the person and she can have the measurements. Haha…  Anyway, I hope all is well back home.  Take care till next week.
                                       Love ya, E.Blackburn

The Kumasi zoo.  
(It's nothing like the one's we have back home)

Saying "Hello" to the little elephant.

Sleeping Lions

Monday, February 2, 2015


Hi Everyone,
          We came to town today to email again.  We come most every Monday now, just because there is no power hardly ever in Offinso. To get here we take a tro tro. They are Dodge Sprinters. They usually fit like 22 people inside. We also went to Boukrom today and saw a few people. It was nice.
          So the past week has been pretty good and we were able to have some success. We have been trying our best to seek out and find the ones that are truly prepared for us. It seems to have worked so far. Out of the 13 or so new investigators we have had in the past two weeks, there are 4 or 5 that say they have received an answer to the Book of Mormon, and know that it is true. Once they know that it is true, then the rest just falls into place. Ha ha..
          Anyway, everything else is OK. We had 7 investigators come to church yesterday, which was not as good as last week, but we achieved our goals. There were still a lot that did not come. We went and saw some of them after church and they said this next week they will be there. haha… Me and my companion call it the “Ghanian Act.” On Saturday almost all of the ones we scheduled for the day had their phones switched off, so we went to their house and they were there. Haha.. They blame it on the lights being out, but it’s not a good enough excuse. But we are doing our best, and our testimony about the work is growing and becoming more firm.
          This is probably the toughest area I have been in. The persuctions, people not keeping time, etc; but we are doing fine other than that. The power situation is still the same, it’s just the norm nowadays.
          So I think I’ll send the skin through the mail.  I’ll send it from the big Post Office here in town.  I’ll probably keep it and have a pair of boots and a belt made out of it, or I could sell it. We’ll see..
          Well I better go. Extend my greetings to everyone. Thanks for everything and have a good week.
                         Love, Elder Ty Blackburn

Here's a few pictures of some baptisms we had in January.