Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hello Everyone,
          Yeah,  it sure was nice being able to call home on Christmas and talk with everyone. I was really happy to be able to call, since I had waited all the way from Mothers Day to Christmas.  (it’s a long time). But from now until Mothers Day it is only five months instead of seven, so it will be here before we know it.
          So about the water deal in our apartment; we don't have any water in our poly tanks, or should I say, "There is no city water". We have 3  five hundred gallon poly tanks that we have to have a guy come and fill when we get low. So it usually costs about 120 gh cedes. Elder Kinghorn has paid the last few times so I’ll pay this time. When we get the receipt we can give it to Cooper, who is the guy over all the apartments, then he will reimburse us. So thanks for transferring the money so we could have water.
          Anyway, about Angelo, the store that he works at has moved to another place. Tomorrow we are planning on calling him, and finding out what and where he is now a days.
          Well Dad, it sounds like you had quite the adventurous day on Friday!! My word, talk about luck and expertise finding them clear down the river!! WOW, I  can’t believe that they weren’t in the mud and the coyotes gangin up on the calves. If it would of been one more night, they may of got the calves. But now that they are back where they belong with the gate shut behind em it makes ya feel good, and having them off of the river. But WOW!  That is something else, you must be livin right! Haha... Anyway you said 2  of them had calves so that is good they are starting to come, and are staying alive. It’s amazing how they can survive with the cold and all the circumstances.
          With the Lords help we can do anything. Now days every time something comes up for me that is either hard or almost impossible to do to the natural man, I feel that I can do it with the Lords help. I truly believe that is true. So thanks again for everything that you do, have done and are doing. Have a Happy New Year and continue to work hard in all you do. I love you!  Till next week.
            Love Ty

Walking down a street in Kumasi

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hey Everyone,
          Well this past week was good. Things are good over here in the dust and heat. You should see my shirts at the end of the day.  It’s as if I went to Mars.  Haha…  We baptized David and Kwame Yesterday, and confirmed Hingra from the week before last. Vida traveled to Techiman with her family for Christmas. The Christmas party was good,  I got to see all of the missionaries in the Kumasi mission.  There are many that I did not know.  There are many that came after me.  We had potato salad, green salad, bbq chicken, rolls, rice, and some sort of beans, fanice, alvaro, and malta. It was a nice dinner; also there was basketball and foodball. But for me and a few others, we cooked the chicken and got the coals going, it took about an hour or so to get a nice coal bed.
          So what you said is 100% true about teaching people.  One thing I have noticed that helps to get to know someone a little faster, and to let them feel more comfortable around you, is to try to help and see if you can do something for them. Just the other day we were passing by this group of guys chopping down this tree.  So I said “Lets stop and help them”.   We started to help them and they felt good, and the smiles on them went from ear to ear. Haha..  They were really happy that there were these two white guys that stopped and helped them.  We left our name and number on a card, and they said we could come back next time. They offered us water and started to ask us questions. So if we are not able to teach them the first time, we are getting the churches name out there and trying to help others.
          Anyway, the couple that took the Palmers spot are the Preators from Cody Wyoming. They seem like a nice couple. I started talking to Elder Preator, he has a big feedlot and feeds about 800 or so feeders, and has a couple hundred head of mother cows.  He let his boy take over while he is out on his mission; and he says he is still going to keep it going when he returns. He goes home the same time I do in April 2015. It was nice to talk to him, and he says he sure is glad there is someone in the mission that he can relate to and talk with.
          On Wednesday, I recieved Allysons big envelope, both of Grandma Lindas, one of yours, and Annette's.   Maybe tomorrow the other packages will be there. Tomorrow me and Elder Holmes are going to an F.M. with the AP's to eat fufu to a members place down in Asuoyeboah.
          So anyway things are going great; 2014 is just around the turn and it feels good to have 8 months under the belt. Well anyway we can talk more on Wednesday.  I hope you enjoy the ward party and get some pictures. Thanks Mom for all you do as a mom and a caretaker for all of us.  And Dad, thanks for all you do for our family and our community. You are a great example to so many people. I look up to you always.  We will talk on Wednesday. I love you!!
           Love Elder Ty Blackburn

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hi Everyone,
          Well its all going great! I’m doing good, and settled into the lifestyle of a misisonary. We are going to have a baptism for 2 on this coming Sunday, David and Kwame. We went to their house this past Thursday. They stay kind of on this hill next to the road. There are many of the Fra Fra's staying there. They led us to their house.  (It’s a little wood board shed, it looks about like Grandpa Georges wood shed.) They had their mattress for everyone to sleep on inside and they had a wood chest full of their belongings. Everything else they had was outside, their pots, pans, cooking supplies and stuff like that was all outside. When we came, their dad was all smiles and was bowing for us. Haha..   It was quite the experience; also very humbling as well. David was the translator for us. They said, “ Yes" and "Thank you very much for coming to baptize my son”, in Fra Fra. It was a very cool experience.
          Yesterday was another Stake Conference to split the Ghana Kumasi Stake into the Ghana Kumasi Dichemso Stake and the Kumasi Bantama Stake.  There were many people there; about like last time.  There were people outside watching the TV broadcast and also in the halls and classrooms. I was able to see a lot of people from Asuoyeboah and also many of the other missionaries. I saw Stetson and Riley. Stetson is really sore and limps. Just now he came in talked a while, he says he can get the stitches out at the end of the week and the bandage is ok to take off; so he is doing really good, but he says he’s really sore. But yeah, that is a really cool story about the Esplin’s, just now I even told him about it.  He was really happy that you were able to meet them. It’s quite cool that while I was reading about it; here both of them come in to the internet café.   haha… It’s a very small world. It’s amazing how we meet up and see people we know and that we can relate with, half way around the world!
          Anyway for Christmas there is a party for all of the missionaries on Thursday. So all of the missionaries in Ghana Kumasi Mission will be coming; all 130 of them. It’s going to be at the Bantama Chapel. It’s just like the Asuoyeboah one, but closer towards metro mass, so the missionaries can just get off there and walk a few min to Bantama. They said they are going to feed us potato salad and BBQ chicken, so it should be a good time to see everyone, and have something good to eat. Yeah, everybody in Ghana celebrates Christmas for the most part, the only thing different about it is that they just make more of the fufu, banku, etc. They don’t do much more than that.  Haha..
          So about Angelo, we have not been able to give the shoes to him yet.  He says he will be back tomorrow on Tuesday, so we will then.  He said that he traveled to his village for some few reasons. He is a really humble and a cool guy to be around and talk to. Also, we have been able to find a few more serious people. One is named Emmanuel, he owns a taxi and really likes the church. This week we are going to really try to focus on him and see what we can do to best help him. So other than that not much has really happened.
          On Saturday, it rained really hard; probably one of the biggest storms I have been in.  By the time we got back to the apartment we were soaked to the bone, and we didn’t even need to shower, just to dry off. They say there is always a real good storm before the dry season really hits.
          So about Iron,  I don’t think I want to sell him. What would I use when I get back to rope a cow or just to go catch andgo. I don’t think so.  I’ll think about it though.  And thank you Dad for taking care of my small herd of canners and babying them.  Haha.. Sounds like you are all doing well and are being blessed and protected.  We can talk much more about it all next week! Wow!  I can’t believe I can say that.  Haha… Better go!  Take care and keep up the good work.
             Love Elder Ty Blackburn

So we finally saw  GEORGE!!!!  from Jungle Gold.
 He was at Stake Conference yesterday.

We were just sittin at our inv. place and there was this curious lizard that
just wanted to stare at us, and thought he was hid.
 I just threw a rock at him and I got him, first throw!! Haha..  
 I couldn’t believe it!  It was just perched up on a pile of boards. 
There are lizards everywhere we go.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Hello Everyone,
          Well this past week was good.  Yesterday, we were able to have a baptism for two. Next week will be same thing for two. So things are going good here in Boukrom. I like it here in Boukrom, probably as much as I did Obuasi.  So you said that you have been out of power, haha.. Yeah, welcome to the life in West Africa.  Almost every day the power goes out.  Sometimes it lasts in places for a week, and sometimes even more.
          So here's a little information about a few of the investigators we are teaching.  One is named Angelo.  He works at a furniture/rug store.  We were just passing by and he called us over. So we went over there, and he asked us all about ourselves and what we do. So we told him all about ourselves, the church, and why we are here. As we were leaving he grabbed Elder Holmes's shirt and said “I’m serious, I really want you to come back.” So we have been trying to see him when ever we can. The only thing he can’t do is come to church because he doesn’t have shoes. I have found some really good ones in the apartment that some of the other missionaries have left behind.  So on Wednesday, I’ll take them to him. It will be interesting to see his reaction. The other investigators are David and Kwame, they are about 13 or so. They have been coming to church and doing good.  We were walking down the road a few days ago towards their house and we could see them coming on a full sprint.  They got to us in about a min or so.   Haha..  When they got to us they said, “So this Sunday we will baptize, our mothers have said that we can now!” Their moms do not speak any English only twi and fra fra. Elder Holmes said that their moms have been really stubborn on letting them get baptized, but now they can!
          So with me being DL there are times and situations where we just stop and leave what we are doing and go to the interview. But not really does being a district leader take time out of our proselyting time, just maybe in the evenings when I report numbers, and maybe a little on other days, but not much. So when I do interviews, my companion gets to relax and chill, so he gets to enjoy.
          Yesterday, at the baptisms my camera was out of batteries and the person that was going to take the picture did not know how to take one. So next week I’ll send one from Elder Holmes's sd card. So other than that not too much has happened, just that its starting to get really hot and really dry. My lips are starting to chap, and often times I get a headache from not enough water. But it feels nice to get a heavy dry breeze.
          So things are good, only 2 more weeks till Christmas.  I can’t wait to call home. I will probably call when ever you are all opening up presents and are all awake; so probably around 7-8 ish,. Would that be ok.?  So I will just buy a bunch of credit and a sim card for the phone then I’ll call. It’s pretty simple. So I’ll just call. All you have to do is pick the call. I'll try to time it in the morning when you guys are all awake and opening presents.
          That is good that the snow is coming. It sounds like a long hard winter, but you are getting what you have asked for. So better go and take care!  Thanks for all you do. Love you and best of luck with everything.  Talk to you very very soon!!
                            Love Ty

Getting ready for Christmas in Ghana.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Well Hello Everyone,
          So Monday is here again. So this past week was kind of slow, due to the fact that it was transfer week and moving to my new area, packing, unpacking, etc.   So today we went to Bonjour! It’s a big fueling station, with about 4 or so restaurants inside. Me and Elder Holmes bought and split a large Hawaiian pizza.  It was really good and tasted almost like the ones we have back home, not quite but pretty close. haha..   So then after eating there, we came to town and had to cross through Kejtia.  (its the central market of Kumasi) If someone wants to get lost or really confused, just go to Kejtia. There are people just packed and crammed all over the place. There is lots of noise, tro tro's honking their horns, just a lot of things that would give someone a complete heart attack if it was your first place you came to in Ghana.  haha..
          So anyway, my companions name is Elder Holmes from Farmington Utah. We have many things in common. He says he hunts deer every year around Willow Creek, 12 Mile, and around the nipple. 2 years ago he said his uncle killed this big monster behind the nipple, and there were these 2 guys that came to their camp and ended up mounting it for him.  I was maybe thinking it was Lyman. I thought it was pretty cool that he hunts up there. Also his grandparents live in Gunnison; the Holmes's. He has been out for 3 or so months.  The other ones in the apartment are Elder Kinghorn from Newcastle England, and Elder Kommubi from Uganda. So the apartment is very big and spacious, there is a lot of room to relax in. There are even a few sofas and a small couch.
          My new area is very powerful! There are a lot of people to teach that are actually serious and many that are prepared for the gospel. We are planning on having 3 baptized this coming Sunday.  Boukrom is the highest baptizing area in the Kumasi area, so somewhat of a boost. Also, there are many Muslims around one area of our apartment. We don’t proselyte too much around there. We have to walk about 15 or so min to the fruitful part of our area. We don’t have to travel to our area, so it makes it nice that way.
          With my new calling as DL, there are many duties and responsibilities that come along with it. Last Tuesday all the new District Leaders went to the mission home and had a specialized training with President Holmes. He pretty much told us, and showed us, all the things we are able to do under his jurisdiction and his calling as a Mission President. I have come to realize how to approach people better, whether it be a problem or how to help that person. So I hope that it will be good.
          Well I am doing well. My companion  and I are doing good and I couldn’t ask for a better companion.  For Thanksgiving we didn’t do anything, just another day. We did buy fried rice though, if that counts as celebrating. Haha..  So yeah, I got your package last week when I went to the Mission Home for the training.   I also got the Mitchell’s as well.  Thanks!! They were really powerful and I really enjoyed them. (epecially the peanut butter) Anyway, not much else has happened, other than I always forget my camera. I need to really be more serious taking pictures of all of this. Ok, so sounds like you are doing good and everyone is great. Thanks for everything! I better go.
Love Ty

This is my apartment in Boukrum.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello Everyone,
          How is everything? So yeah, I am going to be once again transferred!! Haha… It seems as Presdent Holmes wanted me to learn one or two things before making me a District Leader! Yes, I’m going to be a District Leader in a place called Boukrum. (its also in Kumasi), its the north part of Kumasi around the airport. So I guess I’ll have to step it up and take care of my district members; conducting district meetings once a week, doing baptisimal interviews, going on splits with district members. So yeah, I pretty much have a full plate now. But I know that I can do it if I continue to be obedient and do all the things I am suppose to. I know that he will help me in all that I do.
           I’m going to be in a four man apartment. My companion is going to be Elder Holmes from Utah and the other two I think are from the UK, so I’m pretty sure we will be livin it up this coming Chrismas season; and hopefully do something for Thanksgiving. It’s good that I only unpacked some few things like clothes and a few other things, now I’ll only have to pack everything back up in about a few minutes. Boukrum is somehow close to Bonjour, which is the pizza and ice cream shop. I’m sure Boukrum is going to be good for me, but I’m going to miss this apartment. It’s really quite a good one, compared to all of the ones I have been to. Its amazing how fast time goes and flies when you are working and working hard, fullfilling your duties as a missionary.
           So the time I have spent here is going by little by little, but I still have a ways to go. But I’m really liking everything over here,. The food seems like candy nowadays like fufu, jollof rice and other things, but once in while the stuff is too much. Anyway I’m staying healthy, but sometimes I get a gut ache and have to lay down for a while; but I have not been sick since I came, just the one time. (my first week in Obuasi). I think I’m just maintaining my weight now days too, maybe gaining it back with all the free food people give us, but I think I’m just maintaining it. Also, the new chapel in Obuasi is up and going as of last Sunday. They said there were many people there, more than ever before. We were soppose to have a baptism yesterday, but the guy didn’t ever come.  He wouldn’t pick our calls or anything and that was pretty disappointing.
           You asked about the heat and humidity? So it stays about the same all the time. They have few seasons, but now its the dry season. It is really cool at nights and very hot and kind of dry in the day time. The only time I notice it is when I go into the clerks office on Sundays because of the A/C, but when I come out I can feel the difference. It was the same feeling when I stepped off the plane in Accra.
          So the words on my apartment building in the picture I sent are written in Twi. Awurade Na Aye, it means God is here. Almost all of the little shops and stores have something or words about God and Jesus Christ. So I can speak and say all the greetings and a little of some other things. It's a very easy and simple language to learn and speak, you just have to position your tongue right. Anyway, not too much else has happened here in Asuoyeboah.. Yeah, so I can’t think of too much else to say other than I’ll be in Boukrum for Christmas with an American!!   So I hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving and lots of fun stuffing yourselves. Make sure to eat my share as well as your own! Haha... I am thankful for many things. I don’t think we have enough time to mention them all. So thanks for everything.  I can’t think of too much that I need. Gr. Becky sent me some pictures of the snow that fell over there.  It looks like you are in for a good Winter, or at least a good start. Anway, I hope you have fun on Thursday.  Best of luck with everything!  May God Bless!!
               Love Elder Ty Blackburn

       This is my apartment in Asuoyeboah that I will be leaving today. 
It's on the bottom floor.  

Monday, November 18, 2013


Well Hi Everyone,

          This past week was OK. We have been busy as usual and always tired at the end of the day. I have been learning new and important things everyday it seems. We were not able to have the baptisms for the 2 guys. It seems as though now a days they just avoid us and we even saw the one running from us! Haha..   They make themselves look so stupid, and they are somehow falling away. We have been trying and trying, but it seems like they are taking other things more important first. Trying to get someone enthused about the gospel is pretty hard at times; but when we are led and guided to those by the spirit it’s not a problem. But yeah, it seems as though once you get them going good, they are progressing, then all of a sudden they have been deceived by some pastor or some other person about the church. But we keep trying. But anyway other than that, we have been doing good.  We were able to find some few more people that are pretty powerful. Each time we meet with them, when we ask them questions, they reply with the exact answer. I have really come to know how and recognize people that are prepared for this gospel, and how they are prepared by the Lord. I think it was Friday, we were just walking down this some how abandoned road, and we somehow found ourselves at this ladies house. She said she had been taught by the missionaries before in another place of Kumasi. She wants us to come back this week. Just stuff like that makes your mission successful.
          So anyway to answer your questions? So about the internet cafe's? OK, so we have to pay hourly. There are many little ones everywhere, but there are only a few that are good and fast. It usually is about 1 cedi 50 pesewas or 20 pesewas for one hour. Then you can add however much time you want to the head man running the time. So the mission home is quite far from Asuoyeboah, its probably 20-30 min in taxi. I have only been there once since I came. Also there are quite a few Universities in Kumasi. There is one here in Asuoyeboah, so we see many college students on the road towards our area. So the community is pretty quiet and peaceful. There are many really nice houses and a lot of 1st class people. So our investigators are doing good. There are (I think) 4 or so that are really serious, and will be baptized in December.
          So today for a P-day Zone activity we went to a Pure Water Factory, (they purify water at its best there). It was really neat to see something advanced in technology and in time here in Ghana; and also to have a break from missionary work. Something else to do for a change. So there they do all sorts of cleansing, filtering under high pressures of water, and then they put it into sacheys. (sacheys are little hand held sized plastic bags) Everywhere you go you can see people selling them. They are only 10 pesewas which is 5 cents. Also on our way back to town Elder Taylor from Idaho showed me where the slaughter house is in Kumasi. It looked like quite the place.  It was very big and had lots of those Brahmas standing around. Often times you will see a big semi pulling a great big plantain trailer packed full of cows going about 80 or so down the road. Haha….
          Tomorrow is my mark, the 19th I’ll be 7 months on mission.  Haha.. Wow!! Time is going.  When I return in 2015 I will be able to handle about anything that comes in my way. It sounds like you are doing well. Anyway it’s nice to hear from you and all of the happenings going on with everybody.  So thank you once again for everything.  I better go. My time is almost up. So take care! Best of luck with everything!
                  Love Elder Ty Blackburn  :)

Stirring Banku
(It's a starchy fermented corn/cassava dough mixed and cooked in hot water into a smooth whitish paste) 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Well Hello,
          Haha… Well this past week was good. We have just been doing the usual, staying busy and fulfilling our duties. Other than that nothing else has really went on or happened. Other than that we kind of had a slow week, not too many people had time, and no one wanted to pick our calls; but we did alright, I guess you could say. We are teaching a middle aged girl that is from Wa.  Her name is Hilda. She is very smart, and knows a lot of things that we have taught her, just the one time that we have met with. There is something about a person that you can see and tell that they have been prepared by the Lord. Yeah we are planning on having a few baptisms on the 16, but not too sure how it will turn out. Most of the people we have been teaching are getting jobs or they are moving. So I hope they will be able to make and keep the commitment.
          Yeah, so we can have use other study materials and guides other than the scriptures. For me, I have all the standard works, Jesus the Christ, True to the Faith, Our Heritage, and a few Bible and Book of Mormon study guides. So we get an hour each proslyting day to have personal study, than after we have companionship study for one hour. But sometimes at nights I study also.
          So the other ones in the apartment are cool. Elder Acera from the Philippines who is being trained by Elder Robert from Nigeria. So we all kind of do our own thing. Each of us do our own cooking; but sometimes me and Acera will eat together. So for breakfast I eat oatmeal, for lunch usually egg sandwich or rice, then for dinner we usually buy fried rice or eat the same as we did for lunch. Yesterday I found an old cookbook, so maybe I’ll start trying new things. Haha...
          Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  So this past Thursday we were coming home in a tro. So to start things off, we did not have any lessons cuz people were not on our side that day. So yeah, we got into the tro and about a min or two later down the road they stopped and picked up a bunch of people next to the college. So about a few seconds down the road from there, the mate started asking for money and he told them the price.  The moment they heard the price, they started using twi insults and yelling at the driver and the mate cuz the price was too high. From the point where they got picked up to where we were dropped, they probably stopped 5 or 6 times. The driver almost climbed over his seat back to a few of the guys. It was quite something. Haha…
          So as I said, not too much has happened; maybe this next week I’ll have something to share. Ok, well keep up the good work. I will be calling home very soon. I hope all is well. I better go. So take care.
               Love, Elder Ty Blackburn

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello Everyone,
          Well here we are once again. So this past week was another good and successful one for us. We’ve been staying busy with not much time to think about home and everything. I’m just focusing on my duties and the Lords work. We were able to find some new people, and they are really progressing. Their names are Gladys, Esther and Kwabena. So Gladys goes to the University of Wennaba in Kumasi, Esther is a school teacher, and Kwabena works at a saw mill. We are planning on baptizing them on the 16th or so of this month, with a few others as well.
          Well I am doing very well. Yesterday was Stake Conference in Dichemso. (which is a part of Kumasi) There were people everywhere!! There wasn’t enough room for everyone. There were even chairs set up in other rooms and the hall ways in the church, even outside with tv’s. There were so many people that it made me realize again that the church is true!! One of the area of the seventies were there. For us missionaries, not many of us got a seat; so we were in the halls and outside, so I didn’t get to hear much if the conference. It was a very good time for all. Everyone was happy and smiling after. I saw a lot of the missionaries and chatted with a lot of them as well.
          So I recieved news from Elder Cockrum in Obuasi that Linda was baptized last Sunday. It really made me feel good to hear that she had made the step. Anyway, like I said, we have been staying busy and busier than ever doing the Lords Work.
          This place is very dusty and always at the end of the day my shirt is pretty much red, especially the collar. We walk a lot more as I have said before. We have been having a member come with us a lot, and I can see the difference whenever there is a member present in a lesson. I know that because of us bringing and using members more, that is why our investigators are progressing so good. We went to a members house on Friday. When we got there, they had prepared us food. It was Banku and Eba. The Eba wasn’t bad, (its a Nigerian dish, very simalar to banku and fufu in a way). As for the banku, I can actually eat it now a days; but I was forcing my self to eat it, and it was all my gag reflexes could take. So the moment I looked up, there stood this dog, he was staring at me and wagging his tail. So I said, “Forget this, I can’t finish all this”. So I gave the rest to the pooch!! He had it gone in a few seconds. I know it was bad to do, but I couldn’t carry on!! Haha...
          Ok, so about my companion (Elder Ugbah from Nigeria). He is a convert. He says he joined the church when he was like 8 or 9. The rest of his family is less active or non members. I’m not too sure of what he likes to eat or to munch on. O yeah, yesterday I received Annette’s package and when I opened it up, his eyes lit up like a torch. Haha.. He took some few things.
          So about the music and DVD’s, every companionship is suppose to have a small DVD player with a screen, so yeah we have one in the apartment. We watch preach my gospel. With the flash drive that I have, I have gotten some music and a couple of movies like '17 Miracles' and 'The Other Side of Heaven'. So I’m enjoying some of the things that we have back home. You can send something like that if you want.
          Well not too much else has happened, just Work! Work! Work! I can’t believe that we are in November. The first of January is just around the corner, then I can say next year is the time.  haha… That is good to hear Eli got her call, California! WOW! Tell everyone hello Belle, Chap, and Bryler.  Well thanks again for all the news and the happenings back home. I really appreciate your words of advice and encouragement. I know that because of my faithful service, he is watching over you guys. Keep up the good work.
                      Love Elder Blackburn

Me and my companion Elder Ugbah

This is the LDS church in my area.  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Post 27

Hello Everyone,
          Well this past week was good. We have been very busy doing our duty. We were able to have a baptism yesterday. It was a guy that lives very far from Asouyeboah. He says it costs him 18 cedis round trip to come to church.  He lives in Tepa where there are no missionaries.  He loves the church and everything about it. 
          We have been working really hard, and not too much down time at all. I have noticed that when you really focus on your work, the days and weeks go by faster. It really makes you feel good to be tired enough to lay down at night and fall asleep.  Also me and my companion are doing good, we are always joking and laughing around.
           I really like my new area.  It has a lot of really great people, and people that are prepared for the restored gospel. So the area we teach in has the really rich people all the way down to the dirt poor. We have a few people we teach that have mansions and 3-4 outfits. The one was a truck driver in America, and has been all over the United States. He says he has stayed the night in the Salina Truck Stop. I asked him why he would come back?  He said it was too much work for him!!  Haha... Yeah, so there are many powerful people here in Asuoyeboah. We have a bunch of people to be baptized on the 16 of November. So the people that we are teaching are many. I will tell u about a few.  So we have Maybell.  She is about 23 or so and has been taught everything, we are now reading the Book of Mormon with her. She really wants to be baptized, but she needs to get married first. (she has small child) She even says she wants to go to the temple!  Also there’s Gladys.  She lives in Apatrapa, which is part of our area. We were passing by one day and we stopped.  So we started teaching her.   She says she has met with the missionaries before, a few years ago.  I could see the tears come to here eyes when we started talking about Joseph Smith and the First Vision.  She could remember just about everything. So other that that not much has happened.
          I have grown to love the people over here and admire them for who they are.  I have also this past week mastered my tolerance.  I have realized that not much of anything that happens or people I am around can bother me.  Also I have acquired a lot of patience with my new companion. So just the other day I was thinking about everything and all the happenings back home; and then the hymn “All is Well” popped into my head. So I know that all is well back home with everyone. I can’t wait until Christmas to be able to call home, and get an ear full of everything! This week I will take pictures of a lot of different things. It sounds like everyone is doing good.  I can’t believe Gr. Dick is turning 70, wow!. Well I better go. So take care! May God Bless! Till next week!  Love Elder Ty Blackurn

Monday, October 21, 2013


Well Hello Everyone,
          Well Monday is here once again. Like I said last week, I was going to be transferred to Asuoyeboah, which is a part of Kumasi.  I have really been liking this place. The apartment is OK, they say its very old, buts it’s nice for Africa I guess. Yeah, so having 4 instead of 8 is much better.  It’s a lot more quiet, and peaceful. The chapel is nice. It’s just like the ones we have back home. At church on Sunday I really felt welcome and at home.
          You will never believe what happened. Well OK, so on Wednesday was transfer day. We went to Metro Mass in Obuasi. (me and Cockrum). We waited there for about almost 2 hours. We decided to take tro tro. So we went into town and a bunch of people tried to take my bags, and wanted me to pay them to carry them. I was so fed up with them I was about to blow and just pop one in the mouth!  So we finally left Obuasi, so right when we got about to Kumasi we had the police stop us, and ask what is in the bags on top. So I just told them clothes. So anyway, we got to Kumasi Metro Mass and the APs took me and my new companion who’s name is Elder Ugbah, from Nigeria to the mission home. I was able to meet a few incoming Elders and talk for a while.  That was fun.
           Ok, so there are two Nigerians in the apartment. (my companion Elder Ugbah and Elder Roberts) Elder Roberts is training a little guy from the Phillipines. His name is Elder Acera and is always speaking Tagolog!! Haha.. He is a funny guy to be around.  He was soppose to come when I came, but due to Visa problems, he came later. He is one of the 18 years olds. My companion Elder Ugbah is a hard worker, but he does not know the difference between working hard and working smart; he just finished his training but he’s learning. haha...
So probably the top three things I have learned so far within the six short months I have been here are

1- Learning how to recognize the spirit.
2- Having faith in all things.
3- Learning how to work with others.

          So I was not able to burn a tie. We were so busy on Saturday that I pretty much forgot; but I plan on doing it sometime this week. OK this cafe is really crappy and is very slow, so sorry for the short letter. I hope all is well with everyone. It sounds like the gather went well, and you are getting them home a little at a time. So I better go. So take care. I love you all. Till next week!!
            Love Elder Blackburn

Monday, October 14, 2013


Hello Everyone,
          Here it is Monday again and one more week down. So Saturday, I got news from our District Leader Elder Gakaka that I was going to be transferred. He told me about five or so different things, where I was going and who I was going to be with. So I didn’t believe him. Well, when I got back to the apartment I started asking him, and he finally told me the truth; after all day pulling my leg. I felt like ringing his neck! So I’m going to be transferred from Obuasi! I’m going to Asuoyeboah, which is in Kumasi. I’m going to be in a four man apartment, and my companion is a Nigerian who just finished his training, so it wont be so bad. I’m sure that there are many people out there that are ready for the gospel.  I leave Obuasi on Wednesday. I have to be at the Metro Mass in Kumasi at ten thirty.  My new area isn’t far from there, maybe 10-15 min in a tro tro I guess.  Elder Kgabaga is my zone leader, and is close by.  He said he is there for me.  He was the one that was in Obuasi when I first came, (Elder Sonpons trainer).   Cockrum is staying and going to be with Elder Stentzel or something like that. He’s another missionary from Utah that I came with. Also Elder Nielson is coming to Obuasi to train.  There will be TEN missionaries in Obuasi now; and all under the same Roof for the time being. They are looking for another apartment, but who knows when.  All I know is I’m going. I was kind of sad at first.  I was hoping to stay at least one more transfer, and to be able to open the doors on the new chapel. O well, maybe someday I will be able to do that in another area. But I hope to come back before I go home and see how everybody is.
          Yesterday I had to talk in church. Our branch President called and asked if one of the missionaries would give a talk.  I said I would. I talked on Missionary Work and Member Missionaries. I had about an hour or so notice before church. It was totally by the spirit! I talked for like 15 min with hardly no preparation.  I guess it was my retiring address.  haha…
          So about my shoes. The pair of Rockports are about bald on the bottom, and are not too safe to wear when its muddy. The Eccos are pretty much just like new.  They have worn off small on the bottoms, but are just like new. I think they should finish me. Yeah I rotate them, but now I’m starting to wear the Eccos more. If I do need shoes eventually, I’ll just go to the market and buy a pair for dirt cheap with my bargaining skills. Haha…
           So about Linda, she is 18 years old. She was a referral from one of the members.  She has known about the church for quite some time, but her mom really never wanted her to come to church. She says that her mom is ok with it now. She has a baptismal date for the 3rd if November. She works for Tigo, (its a phone company). Cockrum says he might come back to marry her! Hahaha... Yeah, so ill try to take more pictures of little shops and things.  Everywhere you look, you can pretty much find anything you want.  You just have to know where to find it. There is no order or anything like that here.  It’s all pretty much a giant cluster.
          I'm actually glad I’m getting a new start at things; new people to see, new scenery, four man apartment.  Well that is all good to hear all is well at home.  I wish I could just get a breeze or smell of the fall weather. It is getting hotter here in the day time and colder at nights. They call it Ramatan or something like that; it means dry season. I have started to have small head aches, its probably cuz I don’t drink enough water.  The drink mixes help with dealing with the water.  It sounds like dad had good luck on the Mt. and Gr. Becky said that Branson got so cold that they had to stop and make a fire for him. Haha... Won’t be long. I cant even imagine what it is like to actually feel cold! haha… Well I love you all.  Tell dad that I’m thinking of him, and to keep up the good work. Sounds like it’s that time of year; snow flying and almost Halloween. What is everybody going to be?? Take care!  Till next week.
    Love Ty

Me under the sign board next to the chapel

Me with a member and his family.

A typical white mans food in Africa.
IndoMie (Ramen noodles) mixed in with fried eggs, then salad cream. haha.. 
(its actually not bad at all)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Post 24

Hey All,
          Well this past week was good. We went to Kumasi on Tuesday for a Zone Conference. It was good.  I learned a lot and took a lot away from it to apply to me as a missionary. After the Conference, Cockrum and I went to his old area, Atafoa, which is still in Kumasi.   We spent the night there.  We saw some of his people and then we went to the Bantama Chapel for a foreigner registry, then we came back to Obuasi. 
          So the road between Obuasi and Kumasi is horrible half of the way. There are pot holes 8-10 inches deep and a few feet across all over the place. Yeah, the ride gets old, especially when its blazing hot, and I’m sweating bullets.   I would have to say that I have suffered this past week from the heat.  Haha… This past week it rained a lot too. It was also very hot when it didn’t. That is how it is; blazing hot when it’s not raining or cloudy, and when there is clouds, it’s a sign to take cover, cuz its coming soon!! haha…
          So our area is progressing alright! We got a referral.  Her name is Linda and she wants to be baptized, so probably the first of next month. Also, today me and Cockrum went to Kumasi to meet up with his trainer, Elder Miller and Elder Nielson, (Stetson). I also saw Elder May, and a few other of the missionaries I came with. It was pretty fun. I can’t believe it’s been six months! You know on the 19 will be my BUMP day, yeeh!! Haha.. Yeah, I’m fixin to burn a tie!!! .It still feels like I should be in training. haha…
          Yah, I think they are looking for another apartment for me, Cockrum, Anderson, and Sonpon. Something that will be closer to our area. We will be moving to a new and closer chapel for our area too. It will be a lot better for our investigators to come to church. They will be able to walk and not have to pay for transportation. All together for our branch I think that 3 people have cars and the rest take a taxi or tro-tro. So it makes it hard for pretty much anyone to really come to church; knowing that it’s up a very steep and long road.
          So last week, you asked if the church leaders ran the branch correctly? Yeah, for the most part.  In Sunday School and the after classes they like to speak twi, so we can't really understand. But when they speak English, we have to correct them on a few things. So for the most part; yes, they are doing good. There’s always room for improvement though.
          I  hope all goes well this weekend with the gather, and you have good weather. I remember last year, the first day was perfect, but the second day was Winter for sure. I do get homesick thinking of all of that.  I have been trying to stay busy doing something all the time; trying to keep my mind focused, and not think about home too much.  Well other than that, not much else has happened over here in the sun.  Thanks for everything!! Take Care!

    Love Elder Blackburn

Monday, September 30, 2013

Post 23

Hi Everyone,
          Well here it is Monday again.  Wow!! Haha.. Well this past week was allright for us.  It rained all day on Tuesday, and has rained pretty much everyday or night since then. It slows down the work a little, but its kind of nice to just relax and escape to my suitcase full of goodies and pictures. Haha… Yeah, so yesterday, the Palmers came and they brought the other package. It was really nice to see what you all sent. Thanks!! I really enjoyed it. Like I told you before, it is like Christmas when us missionaries get packages. Haha…
          Ok, so we have been going to the new site twice a week and teaching David, Eric, and Philip. We have gotten to the Plan of Salvation on Eric and Phillip; and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with David. So with David, he can’t walk and barely gets around, so he really can’t do anything. We gave him a reading assignment (Ether 12) which talks about Faith. On Thursday we are going to follow up, and talk about the priesthood.  Probably when I feel the spirit the most is when I recite the first vision. The spirit is always the strongest when teaching the first vision. We will see what happens. But other than that nothing new has happened. The new building should be ready by the 15th of October, and then we can move in. But until then, nothing much will happen cuz it’s too far for our people to travel to the chapel we have now.
          So yesterday, we were just resting under this tree with a bunch of sheep tied up around that were for sale. We asked the man how much? he said, 30 cedis, which is like 15 dollars for a big ol buck. We were thinking of buying one, but then we don’t have anything to really dress it out, or prepare it, so we just have to stick with chicken!! haha…  (just kidding) But I did think that was really cheap for a good sized sheep. Also, we were walking down this place where some tro-tro's are, and there was this kid selling horse meat. They looked like kabobs on a stick. We walked by and he was shouting “Horse! Horse!” Pretty different for sure. I didn’t think that they ate horse here. But guess not. So just a couple of crazy things this past week.
          We are going to Kumasi tomorrow for a Zone Conference, and then on Wednesday, all of the foreigners are suppose to come back to Obuasi for something (not too sure what it is). So we are going to be staying the night at Atafoa, which is Cockrums old area.
          Oh, about the pictures, everybody looks so good and happy. You all look like life is good, and that you are treasuring the moment. Make sure you remember to do so. Just as the B-day card you sent, "Dont ever let go of the past, they have molded you to the person you are today." It went something like that. So yeah, thanks for everything!!  Best of luck in all you do.
    Till next week!!!!
           Love, Ty

Brother Palmer, Elder Cockrum, and I 
in front of the (soon to be) new church building. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Post 22

Hi Everyone,

          Well this past week was good. We went to Kumasi on Tuesday for a combined zone meeting. On our way there, we saw this big dump truck that was sideways in this ditch, with a whole load of plantains scattered everywhere.  There were people gathering them up like crazy! haha.. It was funny to see. I was not quick enough to get a picture; but next time I’m sure there will be something. After our Zone Meeting, we went to the Metro Mass Station (it’s a really big bus station) and waited for about an hour and a half to get our tickets to head back to Obuasi.  We were sweating bullets the whole time; even worse when we got on the bus. But once we got going, it wasn’t too bad.
          So we were able to go to our new area (Abompe) and teach David, Eric and Sarah. They say they don’t have money to come to church, but whenever we get the new chapel in Kofikrom, (which is a lot closer), they say that they'll come.  So most of the people are very friendly and kind, but you have those others (like we have everywhere) that are not too friendly and nice; but we try not to mind them. Yeah, so David, he is an older man. He is retired from A.G.A. and can’t walk very good. He is Presbyterian, and every time we go and ask him to pray, he says “The Lords Prayer”. But on Friday, we had our branch president Manu with us.  We asked David to pray, and he prayed just like we do. It wasn't “The Lords Prayer!”  So I can see how the gospel, and the lessons we have taught him so far has and is changing him. 
          So Brother Rodney Palmer and his wife are really nice. Everytime they come, they bring us cookies.  Yesterday, they brought us muffins. They really hit the spot. The new chapel however, still needs some more work for us to move in to it. It’s also up another hill. It’s pretty much a 4-wheeler road. When we were checking out the chapel, the Palmers drove us up the hill in their car.   haha… It was fun!
          So other than that nothing else has really happened here in Obuasi. It’s just been raining a lot. It’s raining now. I had to break out my umbrella for the first time. Well thank you for everything. Take care! Love you all! 
          Love Ty

This is the Obuasi chapel.
It fills up quickly.

This is the Obuasi baptismal font. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Post 21

Hello Everyone,
          This past week was good I guess.  We were able to travel, or I should say WALK to another part of our area. It is far from our estate, probably 2-3 miles.  New site Abompe. It’s a part of Obuasi that a lot of construction has happened in the last ten years, and most of the buildings are not finished; but people still find some way to live in them. We were able to find and teach a few more people. Eric, Sarah, David, Bedu, Joseph, Ebenezer, Obed, so some more people to teach and to increase our teaching pool. I think that the area will progress, but it seems as though its too far from the chapel for them to come. But we will see what happens within the next few weeks.
          So I said last week that President Holmes was coming to Obuasi to make it a District.  Well, the new chapel is not done yet. The Palmers drove me and my companion and showed us where it was. We went in and looked around.  It still needs some work. So, it will probably happen within the next few months or so, maybe next month, I’m not to sure, but soon it will be split.
          Well the temperature changes a lot in West Africa.  From May-Aug its rainy season, then they have some native name from September to November then I think the hot/dry season starts, but I guess around Christmas till like Feb. nights get cold. I can’t wait for that to happen. The terrain around Obuasi is really rocky, red dirt, lots of gravel, steep hills and small mountainous type terrain.
          Yeah, so about the big trucks; they have like 4-5 axels under them, and there are crazy drivers.  They just go!! Who ever is in the way better move, or too bad for them. When Meredith and I were together, we saw someone get hit. They actually stopped for that one; got out threw her in, and left. Pretty crazy!!
          So the highlight of this past week would have to be when we were going to our new area. We saw this guy that was selling rats. They were hanging on ropes from an umbrella looking thing. They were frozen.  There were probably 40 or so. It was quite the site for sure!  I will try to take more pictures of things like that.  The only thing about taking pictures with people watching, is that they want you to give them your camera; and some of them follow you around for a min.
          For my birthday we didn't do much at all. It was just another day on mission.   We went out and taught a few people.  After, I bought 15 cedis of junk, pop, chocolate, pringles (that tasted like paint, probably 15 years old), gum and Ghanian Ice cream (Fan Ice) its pretty good. Then I went and bought a hat. So that's all we did on Saturday.  So thank you again for everything. I love you and think of you all everyday. Take care! Till next week.

Love Elder Ty Blackburn

Monday, September 9, 2013

Post #20

Hello All,
          So this past week was good.  We were able to confirm Shadrack yesterday. He is fifteen, and use to go to The Church of Pentecost.  He said he always felt sad and not good when he went there; but then one day he saw us and had a warm peaceful feeling. He said from that time forward, he has had so many good things happen his life, and feels welcome and at home when he comes to church with us. He even said that he wants to serve a mission as well!! It really gives us satisfaction and a "pat on the back" when people progress and say things like that.
          We also met this guy named Joe a few weeks ago. He says ever since we have been coming around and having discussions, he has been happier than ever, and just feels good when we come around.   We have been able to work with a few members, and have gotten some referrals to teach. I have been studying very hard lately, and learning more Doctrine, so I can throw as many arrows that I can, that are in my tether.  
          So the Palmers (couple missionaries) have been coming to Obuasi for probably the past month or so, except yesterday. They are trying to make Obuasi a district. There will be a set of missionaries for every branch. They are also trying to fix and renovate another place for us to go and have church. It will be a lot closer for our investigators. And Obuasi has a small choir now. Our branch President Manu likes hymns, so we have a choir now. There are about 8 or so people in it. Every fast and testimony Sunday, the little kids are lined up; and everyone of them are powerful.  Everyone likens his or experiences to the Book of Mormon. The spirit is always strong in our little branch. They said that President Holmes will be coming Next Sunday to divide the branches up, so hopefully soon we will be able to move into our new building.
          We are still walking the same amount of miles each day.  Some days it’s a little less or a little more, but roughly its around 5-7 miles a day. I always use to be winded when I came at first, but now it’s no problem. I’m like a thoroughbred now!  Haha… From 12:00pm to 5:00pm while we’re walking, we hear the sound of pounding fufu.  Everyday! Everywhere we go, we hear them pounding.  These people love their culture.
          So for me and Elder Cockrum, we have decided to move out of Estate, and go proslyte in Abompe. We have never been there before, and are pretty sure no white man has been there before either.  There are a few members that live there, and we will give it a shot.  We are in our 4th transfer now; Elder Cockrum and I.  There are 16 transfers in two years. This transfer will put us into the middle of October. Each transfer is six weeks. I’m not sure if I’ll stay here for the next one, or be transferred.  We got 2 new missionaries in our apartment this past week. Elder Gakaka is training Elder Olds from Green River Wyoming.  And another Nigerian came to replace Elder Barker.
          So on our way coming to the cafe we were coming in a tro and there was this big dump truck that the whole rear end had fell out from underneath it. It was in someone’s front door. The other part of the truck was a block or so down the road with half the road tore up.  There is no weight limits in Ghana I’m pretty sure.   All the big trucks have 4-5 axles underneath, and loaded to the max.  haha… It’s pretty hilarious!!
          So anyway, I have been writing in my journal often. But I still need to tighten it up everyday.  It is good to do it.  I wrote in it everyday at the MTC,  and its quite interesting to read my own experiences just at the MTC.
          This Saturday is my birthday, as you know. Last year on my birthday, I cut hay all day. It was really nice. I don’t think I even imagined where I would be a year later!!  Amazing how things happen and change.  So thank you so much for everything.
 Stay safe! Keep up the good work! May God Bless!
      Love your Twenty Year Old Son,
                Elder Blackburn 

Me, Shadrack, and a member with his 2 kids.
(Shadracks baptism day)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Post #19

Hi Everyone,
           Well this past week was good.  We were able to baptize Shadrack!! It was really good, especially because it was the first time I have ever baptized someone. It was really cool. The font was really full. He seems really solid in the church. He is always taking notes and writing down scriptures in the classes. The spirit was very strong! It was awesome!!
          So about Francis, (the man who gave us a ride a few weeks ago) we have only met with him once since the time I told you about. He works for Anglo Gold Ashanti, and is only free on weekends.  We gave him a book of Mormon last time, and invited him to read and pray about it. As for Steven, he is not too serious anymore. He just lays in his house all day and sleeps. But we still stop by a few times a week, and read from the Book of Mormon. He still needs to come to church in order to be baptized. We are trying to prepare Felix for baptism soon.  He came to church yesterday for the first time. He is part of the Gallumsay, that is now very slow, I guess. So he says he is out of a job.  And we have found some new people to teach; their names are Joe, William, Lizzy, and Gloria.  The two girls came to church yesterday. We have not even taught them!  They live by Steven, and I think this week we will start teaching them. So other than that, not too much going on here in Obuasi. I’m just happy that Elder Cockrum and I were able to baptize Shadrack yesterday.
          So Elder Barker is going to be transferred to Tamale. It’s in the northern part of Ghana. Elder Okoro left yesterday to go home.  His companion Elder Gakaka is going to be the District leader, and is going to be training. He will probably train a white. There are like 13 Americans coming next transfer!! So yeah, it’s going good for us, and this transfer will put me and Cockrum into half of October.
          There’s just lots of crazy things happening in Africa that all of you guys would think is jaw dropping. haha… Yesterday, we passed by some people that called us over, and gave us some fried yam. It was not too bad. So they said that today, we could come by and they would make us fufu with bush meat. Bush meat is like rat, and I think some other small animals. I think we will pass on that one!! haha…
          So the highlight of this past week would have to be when we were passing by a part of the market, and there was this taxi.  It was crammed full of Chickens!! The front seat, back seat, and the very back was chuck full of Rhode Island Reds. It was quite the site. haha...
         Oh yeah, me and my companion made a stew for the first time last week. We went to the market and bought all of the stuff. The whole time we were shopping, the people were trying to sell everything to us for double the price. When I was with my trainer Elder Meredith, I learned quick on how to jew and to bargain with things. So me and Elder Cockrum, got our way with the prices. They think that us whites are stupid and will pay outrages prices, but not us!! haha….
         I hope you all had a good time at Dark Valley.  I cannot believe it’s September already. And next month the cows come home!!  Wow!! Well here’s a few words to think about “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday!”
Well, I love you! Take care! May God Bless!
           Love your son, & brother, Elder Ty Blackburn

Elder Cockrum and I in front of our apartment.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Post #18

Hi All,
           Sure is nice to hear from the family, and all the happenings in the Promise Land.   haha... I can see that the fair went well, and a good time was had by all!!  I bet it was fun.  
         So this past week we were pretty busy with meetings and trainings. We went to Kumasi on Tuesday. And President Holmes came to Obuasi and had a District training for us on Wednesday. We are really focusing on working more with members and helping them be better member missionaries. The majority of the baptisms and the active recent converts come from referrals from members. This is something the Mission President is pushing to do. After the trainings Sister Holmes brought and fed us a really nice chicken salad sandwich with bananas, apples, pineapple, and crackers.  It really hit the spot!!  It’s hard to believe that after the four short months I have been here; I have learned so much about everything, especially the gospel.
          So yeah as I said last week, we were planning on two baptisms yesterday. But unfortunately Steven did not show up, and Shadrack traveled to Kumasi. So next weekend Shadrack for sure, and I don’t know about Steven. This shows us how powerful the devil really is, once someone gets going down the right path. That is when the temptations really set in. So we are trying to really help him. So Steven use to work for the Gallumsay. (it is the small scale illegal mines in Ghana).  Now I guess the government has shut them all down, and all of them are out of work.  So yeah, he does not work.  He lives in probably a 8 by 8 cubical. It’s really humbling and sad to see what some of these people live in. And Shadrack is fifteen and goes to Junior High School. His parents work for Anglo Gold Ashanti. They stay in really nice apartments. Since we have been teaching him, he has really opened up, and is not shy anymore. Before, he was really quiet and did not know anything about the church. But now, he has a firm belief and a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. So he is really progressing.
          I’m pretty sure there are no Scouts in Ghana. If there was, it would be good. I think that a lot of boys would be involved. Most of the 8-11 year old boys go to school. They all have to wear uniforms, and they all look alike. The girls and boys wear the same thing. They have to be at school at six thirty to seven, then they take buses. When ever we see them going down the road, they are crammed in there like sardines. They are always friendly to us missionaries. They like to play football ( soccer ). They also get these big long sticks and then put a wheel on the end of it and push it around. Whenever we see them eat, usually there are about 7 or 8 around a bowl of fufu or banku eating.  They  always invite us to come and eat. They also sometimes do all the cooking and prepare the food for the family. Yeah, they are really friendly and like us white guys. There is a little nine year old boy that lives close by us. He was just recently baptized by Elder Barker. Whenever we pass, he always calls me over and wants to know what life is like in America. He says that he wants to follow me, and come with me when I go back. They do not have much at all compared to the boys back home, but everywhere we go, they are so happy with what they have.
          Well, we have a free meal tonight. (one of Elder Barker’s recent converts).  He was a king, but not anymore.  He is feeding us fufu.  So yeah, that’s pretty much our week. We are doing good over here in Africa.  Still alive and moving forward!! I am glad to hear about all the good storms that have happened. I bet that its nice at nights, and early mornings. Fall is coming, and then the cows come home. I really thank you for everything. Take care!!        Love Ty

Here I am harvesting bananas in front of my apartment.

There are many different kinds of breads in Ghana.  
Here is a picture of Tea Bread. 
It is my favorite!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Post #17

Hi Everyone,
          So that is good to hear about all the happenings of Axtell. It has not been raining at all the past month. Things are dry and humid! But they say that now the weather will get windy, and more cool in the day time. But yeah, this week was good for us. We are always trying to stay busy and it seems that each or every six weeks, (which is a transfer), just keep going by faster and faster. O and today is my fourth month mark since I left home. 
          This past week we were unfortunately not able to baptize Steven, due to some appointments failing.  We were not able to teach him everything.  But this coming Sunday we are baptizing him and a young man named Shadrack as well. They are very excited to be a member of the church, and get on the right path. We have been able to teach more lessons than the previous weeks. I think that we had 24 or so lessons. We have been able to find some new people to teach.
          This past Wednesday, we were walking back to the apartment from Kokoteswie, and this guy named Francis was driving past in his truck and asked if we needed a ride. So we said, “Yeah sure”. We started talking and told him that we would like to meet with him because we have a very important message we would like to share. So we planned for Saturday. So yesterday, we met him and we taught him the lesson one. He said that he felt something that he has never felt before.  He said that he would like for us to come back and continue.  We plan on giving him a Book of Mormon next time and continuing. 
          So as for the exciting side of things; not so much, just things are pretty much the same everyday.  But from time to time something will surface.  Like (I think it was last Tuesday or something) we saw this guy getting chased by this cow that had this little calf. She was chasing him all over this field trying to get him with her horns.  He was always a step ahead of her. It was quite funny to watch. So other than that, that is Ghana lifestyle for a missionary. O and also just now as I was typing this, I heard some cracking noise. So the next thing I know, the vinyl roof is on top of me and dust everywhere. So yeah, I guess I’m really in Africa,!!  haha...  Ceilings falling in on people while they are browsing!! haha...
          I am starting to speak twi to people where they can understand me now. Also, I am able to speak a little of a Northern Language they speak in the North.  There is a place here in Obuasi that the people stay. They sell goats, sheep, all types of fowl, and also cows. Yesterday, I said “Zonola” which is good evening.  Their reply is “Naba”.  When I said it, the guy was all shocked and dumbfounded; like, "Did that really happen". “White man speaking my language?” Haha…
           So yeah, anyway thank you again so much for everything. Let me know how the fair goes. I hope you do well with the steers. I know it’s a very busy time of the year. I know you will have em looking nice just like last year. Yeah, I wish I could be there to feel the cool fall air that is setting in. But make sure you take advantage of what we all have back home. I love you all.  Take care! Stay safe! Have fun!
           Love Ty.

This is the internet cafe where the ceiling fell in on me today. 
This is where I come to email. 

This is the terrain of Obuasi.