Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Monday, May 27, 2013

Post #5

Hi Everyone,
          I am getting the hang of things and I am getting use to much of the stuff. (except the food) I have not been sick lately, I have just been kinda weak because of the heat, but it will get better. But yeah, there are many random people who just like call use over. They say "Hey white man, come!" hahaha It’s pretty funny but then humbling also. In my patriarch blessing it says, “People will be drawn to me for some reason”. So yeah they all wonder why we are here, and what do we do. Most of the people we talk to, they think that we are Jehovah Witnesses. I guess they dress like we do or something.
          But here are a few stories. This last Thursday, me and my companion were walking; and there was this girl who was selling water with the bucket on her head. Well she was trying to cross the road right in front of us. And there was this taxi who was going way too fast. And the taxi hit the girl!! it was graphic. She did a summersault. And the sound when she hit was like a sack of flower hitting the ground. Jeez it was crazy!! But the way they handled her was like a rag doll. We was going to help, but they had already threw her in the car. Jeez it was nuts!! But anyway we are teaching about ten or so people and we baptized middle aged guys yesterday. We were suppose to baptize them a few weeks ago, but they had abortion issues, and had to be interviews by our Mission President. But I guess that there is a lot of abortion here in Ghana. And hardly no body is married. Very very few are married.
          Anyway, yeah the picture with me and the oven, that is a bakery. The lady who owns it is one of our baptismal candidates. That oven is used for baking bread. They get it down until its all coals. Then they can bake. They have two of them in a big barn. Just standing next to it, I was almost on fire. It was hot!!! Tomorrow we are going there to help her and her workers make and roll out loaves.
          Gah, I so miss hauling cows, and loading them on the semi. getting them ready to go on the mountain. This weekend I’m going to find it hard to concentrate on mission work. But just know I will be thinking of you guys. The best of luck this weekend and be safe. I hope it goes well going up the hill.
           So I am always thinking of you and love everything back home, even the small things I did not pay any attention to. We will talk next week.
                                                              Love Ty

This is the an oven that used used for baking bread.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Post #4

Hello All,
          It sounds like everyone that went to Hawaii had a good time there with the family. Yeah, I think Hawaii’s pretty much the same when it comes to the climate and fruit. The humidity here is making my skin kinda like soft and girly now. I don’t like it but I guess that that is part of it. Things are going good though. We were suppose to go to Kumasi next week, but they said it got canceled cuz too much spending on transportation. But we went to Kumasi last Tuesday for a zone meeting. The bus ride was wild. A lot of people and bad roads do not mix very well. And yes I have eaten more fufu. And I have had some nasty nasty other stuff. Fufu is like candy compared to this. It is called Bankou. It is nasty!! My gag reflexes are really getting exercised. haha !!! A lot of the foods you eat with your hands. It's weird. You have to be her to really get a taste of this crazy African lifestyle. Its an African experience for sure.
          So we were suppose to have three people get baptized on Saturday, but they had to get interviewed by the mission president because they all three have been involved in abortion issues. That is a big problem here in Ghana I guess. 
          This last week it has been raining a lot, they say that the real rainy season is just starting. When it rains it rains. I mean like lightning, thunder, and hard rain! It makes you feel as small as an ant.
           Anyway, yeah it was good to call home on Mothers Day and see how everybody was doing. I was really down for the next couple days. All I could think about was home. But its getting better. I know that I am soppose to be here in this point of my life. And what you said is true, I know that this is hard. But with the help of you guys, the lord, and the will power and stamina in me I can make it.
          I recieved the package with goodies on Friday. Thanks for everything you sent; the jerky, kool aid packets, the letter, and the snacks. Take care and talk to you next time.
                                                              Love Ty

This is fufu!!  
I'm actually starting to develop a liking for this.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Post #3

Well Hello Everyone,
          On Tuesday we arrived to the mission home. Well first I’ll tell you about the plane ride. It was terrible. It was like riding a loose rollercoaster. It was horrible. I thought I was going to puke a couple of times. But once we landed we met the Holmes's. (the Mission President and his wife) They are nice. Then they took us to the mission home and we talked for a while. We had dinner which was really good. Then we went to bed. On Wednesday we had breakfast. Then our new companions showed up. My companion is from Samoa, (Elder Meredith).  He is really nice and a great missionary. He is helping me understand things, and is very kind.
          We are serving in Obuasi, which is about an hour and a half south of Kumasi. It is nuts around here. There are Muslims, Catholics, Jews, any religion there is on the face of the earth. It can be found here. Its like if you go back to like the fifties. (no joke), its crazy!! There are a million tro tro's, (it means small and fast). They are like those ugly Toyota vans, and all of them are really beat up. And there’s a million little two door taxis. But other than that there are markets on every street. And there’s chickens and goats by the hundreds roaming the streets everywhere!!
          So on Friday and Saturday I was sick, I think it was just culture shock, the food, the weather, the water. (don’t worry it is filtered), but it still tastes nasty. I’m still not used to the food here. I thought the food in the MTC was bad but the moment I got out here I would not hesitate to eat it now. So I hope things will get better, but I think that they are slowly. But yeah I am taking care of my self, I will keep getting better though.
          I met two guys at church yesterday that helped with the jungle gold show. They are white and are from Utah. They know where Axtell is, and I guess that they own a subdivision by the head start school in Centerfield.. weird huh??
          So I can’t wait to get the goodies your sending. Thanks for all you do for me.
                          Love Ty

This is the Mission President.
Leon Arthur & Elizabeth Anne Holmes

 This is my companion.
Elder Laion Meredith