Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Monday, July 28, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          We had a pretty good week here, not too much heat. It was nice going out cuz you didn’t have to squint. It rained a few times, not too much really happened just that August is here already and I can’t believe it. Time somehow seems to slip away when we just go and forget about it, and that seems to be happening. Ever since my year mark I don’t really think about it much anymore. I like to tease the greenies once in while and ask them when they go home and then laugh. I probably shouldn’t do it but it is necessary once in a while.  Haha..
          So yesterday we had 2 baptisms, Belinda and Mary.  They are I think 9 or 10, a recent convert nieces. So we reached our goal for the month of July for baptisms. Next month we are preparing a few more as well.  We are teaching Cynthia. She sells waakye whick is rice and beans with peppers and a few other things. She will come to church next week she says. She had a funeral to go to yesterday. Another is Sistera Asamoah, she is a members wife. She doesn’t speak any English so we have to have someone translate. She says the first time she stepped into the church, she knew it was the true church. That was something of a shock, coming from Roman Catholic to LDS. But we will probably baptize her the middle of August or so. Then we have Benjamin. He is also Catholic, but is powerful. He knows the Bible really well, and actually listens and asks good questions. So those are a few of our people. Yesterday, we had 7 come to church, so we are being very blessed here in our area.
          Yesterday afternoon after church and the baptisms we came to Kumasi and stayed in Boukrom with Esplin and Agbeko. We had a pretty good time. Today we came to town to enjoy a nice internet café and I think we are going to Piri Piri for pizza, Kinghorn is also here.
          So the twi is coming along great, cuz everyone speaks it and doesn’t like to speak brofo (English). I can’t really spell or write it, but I can somehow carry a small conversation on with someone. Anyway yeah, I have recovered from the nasty malaria. I’m going to try and go back there to the place, (the hospital)  but its really far from our place, so I may not be able to. The guy that pretty much saved my life, I would like to go and thank him and visit a little with him. He was even asking about the church when we were there. I think that the Mraeso Elders are teaching him now. He stays at the top of the Mt. which is Mraeso. So maybe one day I’ll go back there. But things are moving along.  There is a German kid that we see every Monday in town and is a cool guy. We have thought about trying to teach him. That would be cool to baptize a white guy here in Ghana!! He says he is doing volunteer work or something, and has been here 10 months. He goes back in September. Anyway that’s our week here. Thanks for the updates on everything. Have fun at the reunion and dad and don’t be gettin bucked off again! Ha..  I wish you the best in all you do. Take care! May god speed!
                                     Love, Ty

Monday, July 21, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          So this past week went over pretty well. Yesterday we had 8 people at church which was powerful. But no, Fabio didn’t come to church. I guess she is still in Accra or something. So sometime in August we will baptize her. We found a few new people to teach this week.  One is named Cynthia, she gave us fufu on Wednesday with goat, it was pretty good. I had to show my companion how to eat it.  You just don’t eat it by pinching it, you have to use your fingers like scissors to chop it.  Haha... Sesay is doing good though. We think that he and Kaufusi will be leaving this next transfer, which is in two weeks.
          On Saturday Kaufusi and I were on splits and went to do some baptismal interviews for the Zone Leaders in a place called Domeabra. (its near Konongo)  It’s a really small village that I don’t know how they can stay busy all day in.  So we went to a members house, and we were going to take one of the kids with us to go and teach Steven. So they said we should wait, and we sat down. A few minutes later here they come bringing us Banku and Okra soup with fish and some other type of meat that I would soon find out what it was. Turns out it was grass cutter.  It wasn't too bad this time, seems like I don't mind eating the food anymore. Haha…  I ate small and fed the rest to the cats. So we got back to Nkawkaw around 9. It's kinda scary driving at nights, cuz the tro drivers don’t care how fast they go; full throttle, petal to the metal!!! We about got in a couple of head ons.  There's a lot of rolling hills and people are careless. But it is all good. We are protected.
          Anyway that was pretty much our week. It’s been raining quite a bit lately and there’s lots of fog in the mornings.  That sure is a cool picture of you guys at Calf Creek. Chap looks like he is taller than Belle and Mom now. I hope that dad heals from his break and gets back to work. Haha…  So thanks for the email.  Have a good a successful week.  Take Care!! Love ya all!!
                                  Elder Ty Blackburn

This is the Nkawkaw chapel.

Here's a pic of a place in our area.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Hi All,
         Yeah, this past week has been pretty successful. We found a few new places in our area that may have future potential, with serious people and possible future converts. We found 8 new investigators, and gave some of them baptismal dates for August. We will see what happens his week with them. Yesterday we had six people come to church and last week was only three. So this week was great!! So yeah, Fabio is around 22 or so. She is James's sister. We baptized him the last Sunday in June. So now he is doing missionary work already. This next week he will be going to a YSA activity to Kumasi. So he is doing well and getting involved with the branch. He told us that he has found a new job working for Metro Mass and his boss there wants to help him finish his schooling, so he understands that all this is because of the step that he made towards Heavenly Father through baptism, and now he is being blessed.
           Jeez that isn’t good at all about dad. You need to get rid of that nag and play it safe with sound horses.  It sounds like it could of been worse.  I mean getting threw off into a lava bed; my gosh talk about luck right there!! With only a cut and a sprain, maybe a small break.  Yeah, the picture I saw of that nag, I could tell that it had a side to it, BECAUSE ITS GRAY!!!  Haha…  Should of known it would come out with the buck. Haha… Seems like that is a dominant trait in the color. But I hope that you are feeling better and getting loosened back up. Can’t believe it, but Yes, you said it, “Cuz there is a missionary in the family you were protected.” It could have been a lot worse!!  I pray for you guys safety and protection every day and night. So get feelin better would ya!!
          Anyway, not too much else has happened. It hasn’t rained for a week or so. When you get ready to send a package you can send some more of those summer sausages and a cake or cookie mix with pictures. I bought some cheese and crackers in Kumasi.  It goes pretty good with the sausages. haha..   I
think that I may be gaining back my weight. I bought some mayo and have been putting extra on my egg sandwiches, so maybe that will help. Anyway, have a good week and enjoy your summer break. Thanks for everything and all that you do. Take care!!
                                     Love ya,  
                                Elder Blackburn

Monday, July 7, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          The past week was pretty good. We went to Kumasi on Friday morning for Zone Conference. I woke up before everyone else at 5, took a shower, warmed some water on the stove, had a bowl of corn flakes, and I was ready while everyone else was scramblin around. We were on tro by 15 after 6 and it took us a little over 3 hours to get there. It was about all up hill the whole way. When we got into Kumasi there was some traffic that probably took 40 min to get out of it. But we got to Bantama Chapel around 9:40, so it wasn’t too bad at all in order for it to start at ten. It was a good conference. My favorite part was the food. I had them heap up the rice and tried to get them to give me the biggest piece of chicken. Haha… It was really good!  Conference won't happen again till October, so I may as well try and get all I can.  After it was over me and Sesay headed for town. It took us about 40 min or so; we went to Opoku trading and Melcom. We bought some few things and we were off to Boukrom. We met Agbeko and Esplin at the chapel. We talked for about an hour or so, then we went to the apartment. Agbeko cooked some rice and we had a good time. Agbeko, Esplin and I talked till around 1 or so. Haha…   The next morning we left around 11:30, got a tro in Kejetia and headed back to Nkawkaw.  So we had a good time in Kumasi and spending the night in Boukrom with Esplin and Agbeko.
          Yeah, I guess I have fully recovered from that horrible, crappy, sickness Malaria. I lost like 8 or ten pounds or so. When I went to Zone Conference, a few people said I had gotten skinnier and taller since I left Kumasi. Haha.. I guess that’s not a bad thing.
          So things here are OK. We are teaching our recent convert James, and we are teaching his sister. Her name is Fabio and she will be getting baptized on the 19th of this month. Also we are somehow teaching a guy named Emile.  His church fell or something. Hahaha… I told him that now is the best time to come to our church and to come and visit. But still even that his church is in pieces he won’t come.  The guy is stubborn as a mule!! But hopefully someday he will come around. When ever we teach people especially for the first time, they will never forget that missionaries taught me this, and they asked me to do a few things to know if it is true. So we are pretty much planting seeds that will hopefully sprout and bear fruit for themselves one day.
          Anyway, thanks for all the news and keeping me updated on all the happenings. I never got a picture of the hospital.  Maybe one day when I pass by again. I hope to never be there again though. And yeah, the place we went to last week was what I would say is the REAL Africa. It was pretty cool to go and see some new things and tourist attractions. Well better go. Thanks for all you do. Love ya! Take care!
                                                       Love  Elder Ty Blackburn

This is my apartment in Nkawkaw.  
It is on the top floor where the laundry is hanging.