Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Monday, December 29, 2014


Hi Friends and Family,
          Well I never have been more satisfied, more happy and full of joy than this last Christmas calling home. It was really nice to talk to and to hear everyone.  It’s unreal how everyone has grown up, and how things can change in two years. Sounds like everyone is doing well and moving forward in life.
          Lately the past few nights has been cold as well. The past mornings I have just been walking around the house with my blanket wrapped around me. It’s also been a bit windy as well.
          As for Appiah, we are not too sure what will happen with him. He hasn’t came to church the past few Sundays. He doesn’t like to make decisions that are hard. Most of the people we teach do not want to change or do something different. We are trying to help him, but maybe one of these times he will be pricked and realized that this is his time to make the step towards Christ.
          Well as for the blessings I have received while on my mission maybe is,, peace of mind that I know that we can all be saved through the atonement of Jesus Christ as we partake of it, umm also that it has given me an opportunity to see how the gospel can change lives, my life, family and such. Like we can always find rest as we are keeping the commandments, that true happiness can follow as we do so. It is a life training center, LTC. It gives me a layout of the rest of my life and I probably wouldn’t of had or been able to see if I hadn’t of came out here.  Also, that we Americans don’t know how grateful and spoiled we are day to day with each and everything we have and do. Yeah, that’s about all I got for now, next week maybe I’ll have more for ya.
          Yeah, I agree to not make a decision too fast about what I should do when I get home. President Holmes said when you get back the things that you should do will come upon you and you will know then what the Lord would have you do; but it wouldn’t hurt to start thinking now.  Anyway, it sounds like you guys are going to enjoy for New Years. We are also going to do something. We are going to Suame to celebrate with Elders Richman, and Rindilbacher, eat pizza with alvaro/malta, wait for the ball to drop, and let off some fire works!! Haha… Well thanks for everything!! Best go!
                             Love ya, Elder Ty Blackburn


A recent pic of myself since I didn't get to Skype home.  

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Well it’s Monday once again. It really seems like the time is just flying now, 2015 is here next week!! Ha… That is something else, Things are just normal around here; nothing too much exciting has happened the past week. Although Theresa was confirmed yesterday. We had the baptism last week.
           Our area is doing good.  Although it seems like everyone is focused on Christmas. Haha… So missionary work has been a bit slow. It’s alright though, it was the same last year.
          So today is our Zone Christmas Party.  We are all having them in our individual zones. It ought to be fun. It would have been nice to see all of the other missionaries though.
          Yeah, I can’t wait till Thursday. The mission office says that I have four packages that have come, so today at the Christmas party I’ll pick em up. My companion hasn’t got anything from his family, but I’ve been spoiling him with food and what not. He is always happy and can’t wait to call home on Thursday as well.
           Oh, tell Chap Happy Birthday last Saturday, also greetings to Belle and Bryler!!  I’ll save the rest till Thursday. Haha… I best go to the party.  Take care!
                              Love Ya,  Elder Ty Blackburn

Theresa's baptism day

Hanging out with Elder Meredith (my father) and his companion 
before he went home a few weeks ago on P day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Well for the most part it has been just another week with staying busy doing missionary work.  Some things sometimes seem to get easy or easier, but I’d have to say that it seems like a never ending battle and that I’m always going up hill and never down hill. If it is easy, I am not progressing is seems like. Haha… But yeah, not too much bothers or get to me for the most part.
          So this week not too much exciting happened other than that yesterday, we had a baptism for Theresa, who is Joyce’s sister. It went well and it was a happy day for a lot of us. We have Appiah who wants to be baptized in a river. We read some scriptures and now he accepts that anywhere where there is water he can be baptized, but he still insists on a river. I told him before next Saturday when we meet with him again, he has homework to do and he needs to find a good place in the Offin river. Haha..   Talk about a wild goose chase.
          Everyone else is doing well. Mostly everyone does the same kind of work.  Appiah is a guard at a bank, the rest have little shops. They sell parts, food, provisions and so forth; or they have a farm where they do everything by hand.
          As for the fettish priests, they are traditionalists.  They don’t believe in God or Jesus Christ. They worship smaller gods like idols and so forth. They believe in some weird crap. If you have problems with something, like you need money or whatever, you go to him at his shrine. He will line you out and tell you what you will need to do and it will happen. I’m not too certain on all of it, but it’s what I’ve heard. They have snakes and all that kind of stuff too.
          As for being a DL, it’s not too bad. It’s just the four of us as the Offinso District, so it’s all right.  Also Elder Vause is now in our zone from Enterprise. He’s a real cool guy, and a dirt farmer/rancher at heart. Ha…
          We were soppose to have a mission Christmas party, but Pres. Holmes said that the area office or whatever said that it is against church policy. Ha… I find it hard to believe, but I guess I won’t get to see all the brethren in the mission I would of liked to see. But we are having a zone Christmas party at Bantama. Also, on Wednesday, Cooper, one of the guys that is over all the apts in the mission has invited us over for fufu.  All the elders in the Bantama Zone will be there,  so it will be great! I think we will have around 12 there.
          Anway, that is about it for the week. I got two of Gr. Becky’s packages, so that was great. Yeah, I can’t wait to talk on Christmas, and get all filled in. Ha…. As far as my accent, I can control it in the apartment, but as far as with the people as we’re out, it is noticable. Anyway, best go. Thanks for everything! Love ya, love Ty

p.s.I forgot my camera. Next week I’ll send some pics. kafra (sorry)

Monday, December 8, 2014


Hi Everyone,
          Well it’s nice to come to town and email in a nice environment. We came to Kumasi today to enjoy a little, and to drop off Elder Ahweyvu. He is going home with Elder Meredith, they are TC's. They should be in Accra about now. Meredith said he would call me when he gets there. Yeah, we hope to meet up again someday. He said he'll go back to Hawaii and work for his brother, and says he might come to Utah and visit me and Nielson.  Elder Gibson's new companion is elder Helgesen from Michigan. He goes home one transfer before me, so it’s possible we will both finish here.
          But things are great. We have had power and water all week, so all is well. Our investigators boss says that she will get sacked if she is baptized, but she doesn’t care. She knows that it’s true and she loves our teachings. She just needs to get married first. She says they are doing it on Christmas, so hopefully by January she will be soaked. Her sister we are going to baptize on Saturday.
          So Pres. Holmes made me DL again for some reason. Haha.. I guess its maybe to keep me alive. He said it would only be for one transfer, but who knows. This will be my 5th transfer as DL carrying off from when I was in Buokrom.
          Anyway no I didn’t get any pictures last week. I forgot my camera.  It would of been a wall hanger for sure. Everyone was wasted and just having a good time. haha…. They have it every two years. The Ashanti King was soppose to be there, but they said he couldn’t come because if he crossed the River Offin he would die. Haha… I’m not sure if I believe that or not, they say it is cursed.
          So on Tuesday we went going to a place in our area called Ampabame. We were sitting down waiting for someone, and the next thing we know is five or six fettish priests were walking down the road.  One had a smoking pot on his head and throwing flour or powder all over him. The other ones had guns, bows and arrows, and one was tossing eggs on the ground.  They turned back around and start flinging their machetties around playing their drums. We made some nice footwork and got out of there. Haha…. It could of been fatal. They said it was for the natural and cultural rights. Anyway, enough of that.
          The office said that there are two packages for me at the mission home. They could be the ones you sent.  Cant wait to talk on Christmas! Take care! Till next week.
                                      Love , Elder Ty Blackburn

This was our Thanksgiving Dinner.

A truck load of fresh bananas.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Hello Family and Friends,
          Haha, well what can I say? I didn’t have time yesterday to email, so now I have  a few min today.
          So yesterday I was with Elder Meredith (my father), his comp, and a few other guys that came down from Sunyani to flex in Kumasi and to do some few things. Last night Elder Meredith came to Offinso with his companion and stayed the night, and today he went to Obuasi. Elder Meredith will be going home next week, so he went to Obuasi to visit a few people there.
          The past week there was a big festival here. It was the Amonhinko; Saturday was the grandeavor.  We saw the Offinso King on his throne (or whatever), being carried with massive drums going down Main Street. It was the neatest thing I have ever seen!! It was pure African culture! We could even hear the drums from our apt the morning of!! It gave me goose bumps the whole time.
          So for Thanksgiving we didn’t get to have a big meal. All we could manage was to cook some rice and chicken in our apartment. But things are great! I only have 3 transfers left. This coming Saturday is transfer news. I hope that I stay with my son (Elder Ilunga) and that I can finish here in Offinso.
          Haha..  Well I got to go. I will do better emailing next week.  It sounds like ya’ll had a good time over Thanksgiving. Take care!
                                  Love, Elder Ty Blackburn