Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hello Everyone,
          Yeah,  it sure was nice being able to call home on Christmas and talk with everyone. I was really happy to be able to call, since I had waited all the way from Mothers Day to Christmas.  (it’s a long time). But from now until Mothers Day it is only five months instead of seven, so it will be here before we know it.
          So about the water deal in our apartment; we don't have any water in our poly tanks, or should I say, "There is no city water". We have 3  five hundred gallon poly tanks that we have to have a guy come and fill when we get low. So it usually costs about 120 gh cedes. Elder Kinghorn has paid the last few times so I’ll pay this time. When we get the receipt we can give it to Cooper, who is the guy over all the apartments, then he will reimburse us. So thanks for transferring the money so we could have water.
          Anyway, about Angelo, the store that he works at has moved to another place. Tomorrow we are planning on calling him, and finding out what and where he is now a days.
          Well Dad, it sounds like you had quite the adventurous day on Friday!! My word, talk about luck and expertise finding them clear down the river!! WOW, I  can’t believe that they weren’t in the mud and the coyotes gangin up on the calves. If it would of been one more night, they may of got the calves. But now that they are back where they belong with the gate shut behind em it makes ya feel good, and having them off of the river. But WOW!  That is something else, you must be livin right! Haha... Anyway you said 2  of them had calves so that is good they are starting to come, and are staying alive. It’s amazing how they can survive with the cold and all the circumstances.
          With the Lords help we can do anything. Now days every time something comes up for me that is either hard or almost impossible to do to the natural man, I feel that I can do it with the Lords help. I truly believe that is true. So thanks again for everything that you do, have done and are doing. Have a Happy New Year and continue to work hard in all you do. I love you!  Till next week.
            Love Ty

Walking down a street in Kumasi

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hey Everyone,
          Well this past week was good. Things are good over here in the dust and heat. You should see my shirts at the end of the day.  It’s as if I went to Mars.  Haha…  We baptized David and Kwame Yesterday, and confirmed Hingra from the week before last. Vida traveled to Techiman with her family for Christmas. The Christmas party was good,  I got to see all of the missionaries in the Kumasi mission.  There are many that I did not know.  There are many that came after me.  We had potato salad, green salad, bbq chicken, rolls, rice, and some sort of beans, fanice, alvaro, and malta. It was a nice dinner; also there was basketball and foodball. But for me and a few others, we cooked the chicken and got the coals going, it took about an hour or so to get a nice coal bed.
          So what you said is 100% true about teaching people.  One thing I have noticed that helps to get to know someone a little faster, and to let them feel more comfortable around you, is to try to help and see if you can do something for them. Just the other day we were passing by this group of guys chopping down this tree.  So I said “Lets stop and help them”.   We started to help them and they felt good, and the smiles on them went from ear to ear. Haha..  They were really happy that there were these two white guys that stopped and helped them.  We left our name and number on a card, and they said we could come back next time. They offered us water and started to ask us questions. So if we are not able to teach them the first time, we are getting the churches name out there and trying to help others.
          Anyway, the couple that took the Palmers spot are the Preators from Cody Wyoming. They seem like a nice couple. I started talking to Elder Preator, he has a big feedlot and feeds about 800 or so feeders, and has a couple hundred head of mother cows.  He let his boy take over while he is out on his mission; and he says he is still going to keep it going when he returns. He goes home the same time I do in April 2015. It was nice to talk to him, and he says he sure is glad there is someone in the mission that he can relate to and talk with.
          On Wednesday, I recieved Allysons big envelope, both of Grandma Lindas, one of yours, and Annette's.   Maybe tomorrow the other packages will be there. Tomorrow me and Elder Holmes are going to an F.M. with the AP's to eat fufu to a members place down in Asuoyeboah.
          So anyway things are going great; 2014 is just around the turn and it feels good to have 8 months under the belt. Well anyway we can talk more on Wednesday.  I hope you enjoy the ward party and get some pictures. Thanks Mom for all you do as a mom and a caretaker for all of us.  And Dad, thanks for all you do for our family and our community. You are a great example to so many people. I look up to you always.  We will talk on Wednesday. I love you!!
           Love Elder Ty Blackburn

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hi Everyone,
          Well its all going great! I’m doing good, and settled into the lifestyle of a misisonary. We are going to have a baptism for 2 on this coming Sunday, David and Kwame. We went to their house this past Thursday. They stay kind of on this hill next to the road. There are many of the Fra Fra's staying there. They led us to their house.  (It’s a little wood board shed, it looks about like Grandpa Georges wood shed.) They had their mattress for everyone to sleep on inside and they had a wood chest full of their belongings. Everything else they had was outside, their pots, pans, cooking supplies and stuff like that was all outside. When we came, their dad was all smiles and was bowing for us. Haha..   It was quite the experience; also very humbling as well. David was the translator for us. They said, “ Yes" and "Thank you very much for coming to baptize my son”, in Fra Fra. It was a very cool experience.
          Yesterday was another Stake Conference to split the Ghana Kumasi Stake into the Ghana Kumasi Dichemso Stake and the Kumasi Bantama Stake.  There were many people there; about like last time.  There were people outside watching the TV broadcast and also in the halls and classrooms. I was able to see a lot of people from Asuoyeboah and also many of the other missionaries. I saw Stetson and Riley. Stetson is really sore and limps. Just now he came in talked a while, he says he can get the stitches out at the end of the week and the bandage is ok to take off; so he is doing really good, but he says he’s really sore. But yeah, that is a really cool story about the Esplin’s, just now I even told him about it.  He was really happy that you were able to meet them. It’s quite cool that while I was reading about it; here both of them come in to the internet café.   haha… It’s a very small world. It’s amazing how we meet up and see people we know and that we can relate with, half way around the world!
          Anyway for Christmas there is a party for all of the missionaries on Thursday. So all of the missionaries in Ghana Kumasi Mission will be coming; all 130 of them. It’s going to be at the Bantama Chapel. It’s just like the Asuoyeboah one, but closer towards metro mass, so the missionaries can just get off there and walk a few min to Bantama. They said they are going to feed us potato salad and BBQ chicken, so it should be a good time to see everyone, and have something good to eat. Yeah, everybody in Ghana celebrates Christmas for the most part, the only thing different about it is that they just make more of the fufu, banku, etc. They don’t do much more than that.  Haha..
          So about Angelo, we have not been able to give the shoes to him yet.  He says he will be back tomorrow on Tuesday, so we will then.  He said that he traveled to his village for some few reasons. He is a really humble and a cool guy to be around and talk to. Also, we have been able to find a few more serious people. One is named Emmanuel, he owns a taxi and really likes the church. This week we are going to really try to focus on him and see what we can do to best help him. So other than that not much has really happened.
          On Saturday, it rained really hard; probably one of the biggest storms I have been in.  By the time we got back to the apartment we were soaked to the bone, and we didn’t even need to shower, just to dry off. They say there is always a real good storm before the dry season really hits.
          So about Iron,  I don’t think I want to sell him. What would I use when I get back to rope a cow or just to go catch andgo. I don’t think so.  I’ll think about it though.  And thank you Dad for taking care of my small herd of canners and babying them.  Haha.. Sounds like you are all doing well and are being blessed and protected.  We can talk much more about it all next week! Wow!  I can’t believe I can say that.  Haha… Better go!  Take care and keep up the good work.
             Love Elder Ty Blackburn

So we finally saw  GEORGE!!!!  from Jungle Gold.
 He was at Stake Conference yesterday.

We were just sittin at our inv. place and there was this curious lizard that
just wanted to stare at us, and thought he was hid.
 I just threw a rock at him and I got him, first throw!! Haha..  
 I couldn’t believe it!  It was just perched up on a pile of boards. 
There are lizards everywhere we go.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Hello Everyone,
          Well this past week was good.  Yesterday, we were able to have a baptism for two. Next week will be same thing for two. So things are going good here in Boukrom. I like it here in Boukrom, probably as much as I did Obuasi.  So you said that you have been out of power, haha.. Yeah, welcome to the life in West Africa.  Almost every day the power goes out.  Sometimes it lasts in places for a week, and sometimes even more.
          So here's a little information about a few of the investigators we are teaching.  One is named Angelo.  He works at a furniture/rug store.  We were just passing by and he called us over. So we went over there, and he asked us all about ourselves and what we do. So we told him all about ourselves, the church, and why we are here. As we were leaving he grabbed Elder Holmes's shirt and said “I’m serious, I really want you to come back.” So we have been trying to see him when ever we can. The only thing he can’t do is come to church because he doesn’t have shoes. I have found some really good ones in the apartment that some of the other missionaries have left behind.  So on Wednesday, I’ll take them to him. It will be interesting to see his reaction. The other investigators are David and Kwame, they are about 13 or so. They have been coming to church and doing good.  We were walking down the road a few days ago towards their house and we could see them coming on a full sprint.  They got to us in about a min or so.   Haha..  When they got to us they said, “So this Sunday we will baptize, our mothers have said that we can now!” Their moms do not speak any English only twi and fra fra. Elder Holmes said that their moms have been really stubborn on letting them get baptized, but now they can!
          So with me being DL there are times and situations where we just stop and leave what we are doing and go to the interview. But not really does being a district leader take time out of our proselyting time, just maybe in the evenings when I report numbers, and maybe a little on other days, but not much. So when I do interviews, my companion gets to relax and chill, so he gets to enjoy.
          Yesterday, at the baptisms my camera was out of batteries and the person that was going to take the picture did not know how to take one. So next week I’ll send one from Elder Holmes's sd card. So other than that not too much has happened, just that its starting to get really hot and really dry. My lips are starting to chap, and often times I get a headache from not enough water. But it feels nice to get a heavy dry breeze.
          So things are good, only 2 more weeks till Christmas.  I can’t wait to call home. I will probably call when ever you are all opening up presents and are all awake; so probably around 7-8 ish,. Would that be ok.?  So I will just buy a bunch of credit and a sim card for the phone then I’ll call. It’s pretty simple. So I’ll just call. All you have to do is pick the call. I'll try to time it in the morning when you guys are all awake and opening presents.
          That is good that the snow is coming. It sounds like a long hard winter, but you are getting what you have asked for. So better go and take care!  Thanks for all you do. Love you and best of luck with everything.  Talk to you very very soon!!
                            Love Ty

Getting ready for Christmas in Ghana.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Well Hello Everyone,
          So Monday is here again. So this past week was kind of slow, due to the fact that it was transfer week and moving to my new area, packing, unpacking, etc.   So today we went to Bonjour! It’s a big fueling station, with about 4 or so restaurants inside. Me and Elder Holmes bought and split a large Hawaiian pizza.  It was really good and tasted almost like the ones we have back home, not quite but pretty close. haha..   So then after eating there, we came to town and had to cross through Kejtia.  (its the central market of Kumasi) If someone wants to get lost or really confused, just go to Kejtia. There are people just packed and crammed all over the place. There is lots of noise, tro tro's honking their horns, just a lot of things that would give someone a complete heart attack if it was your first place you came to in Ghana.  haha..
          So anyway, my companions name is Elder Holmes from Farmington Utah. We have many things in common. He says he hunts deer every year around Willow Creek, 12 Mile, and around the nipple. 2 years ago he said his uncle killed this big monster behind the nipple, and there were these 2 guys that came to their camp and ended up mounting it for him.  I was maybe thinking it was Lyman. I thought it was pretty cool that he hunts up there. Also his grandparents live in Gunnison; the Holmes's. He has been out for 3 or so months.  The other ones in the apartment are Elder Kinghorn from Newcastle England, and Elder Kommubi from Uganda. So the apartment is very big and spacious, there is a lot of room to relax in. There are even a few sofas and a small couch.
          My new area is very powerful! There are a lot of people to teach that are actually serious and many that are prepared for the gospel. We are planning on having 3 baptized this coming Sunday.  Boukrom is the highest baptizing area in the Kumasi area, so somewhat of a boost. Also, there are many Muslims around one area of our apartment. We don’t proselyte too much around there. We have to walk about 15 or so min to the fruitful part of our area. We don’t have to travel to our area, so it makes it nice that way.
          With my new calling as DL, there are many duties and responsibilities that come along with it. Last Tuesday all the new District Leaders went to the mission home and had a specialized training with President Holmes. He pretty much told us, and showed us, all the things we are able to do under his jurisdiction and his calling as a Mission President. I have come to realize how to approach people better, whether it be a problem or how to help that person. So I hope that it will be good.
          Well I am doing well. My companion  and I are doing good and I couldn’t ask for a better companion.  For Thanksgiving we didn’t do anything, just another day. We did buy fried rice though, if that counts as celebrating. Haha..  So yeah, I got your package last week when I went to the Mission Home for the training.   I also got the Mitchell’s as well.  Thanks!! They were really powerful and I really enjoyed them. (epecially the peanut butter) Anyway, not much else has happened, other than I always forget my camera. I need to really be more serious taking pictures of all of this. Ok, so sounds like you are doing good and everyone is great. Thanks for everything! I better go.
Love Ty

This is my apartment in Boukrum.