Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Monday, August 19, 2013

Post #17

Hi Everyone,
          So that is good to hear about all the happenings of Axtell. It has not been raining at all the past month. Things are dry and humid! But they say that now the weather will get windy, and more cool in the day time. But yeah, this week was good for us. We are always trying to stay busy and it seems that each or every six weeks, (which is a transfer), just keep going by faster and faster. O and today is my fourth month mark since I left home. 
          This past week we were unfortunately not able to baptize Steven, due to some appointments failing.  We were not able to teach him everything.  But this coming Sunday we are baptizing him and a young man named Shadrack as well. They are very excited to be a member of the church, and get on the right path. We have been able to teach more lessons than the previous weeks. I think that we had 24 or so lessons. We have been able to find some new people to teach.
          This past Wednesday, we were walking back to the apartment from Kokoteswie, and this guy named Francis was driving past in his truck and asked if we needed a ride. So we said, “Yeah sure”. We started talking and told him that we would like to meet with him because we have a very important message we would like to share. So we planned for Saturday. So yesterday, we met him and we taught him the lesson one. He said that he felt something that he has never felt before.  He said that he would like for us to come back and continue.  We plan on giving him a Book of Mormon next time and continuing. 
          So as for the exciting side of things; not so much, just things are pretty much the same everyday.  But from time to time something will surface.  Like (I think it was last Tuesday or something) we saw this guy getting chased by this cow that had this little calf. She was chasing him all over this field trying to get him with her horns.  He was always a step ahead of her. It was quite funny to watch. So other than that, that is Ghana lifestyle for a missionary. O and also just now as I was typing this, I heard some cracking noise. So the next thing I know, the vinyl roof is on top of me and dust everywhere. So yeah, I guess I’m really in Africa,!!  haha...  Ceilings falling in on people while they are browsing!! haha...
          I am starting to speak twi to people where they can understand me now. Also, I am able to speak a little of a Northern Language they speak in the North.  There is a place here in Obuasi that the people stay. They sell goats, sheep, all types of fowl, and also cows. Yesterday, I said “Zonola” which is good evening.  Their reply is “Naba”.  When I said it, the guy was all shocked and dumbfounded; like, "Did that really happen". “White man speaking my language?” Haha…
           So yeah, anyway thank you again so much for everything. Let me know how the fair goes. I hope you do well with the steers. I know it’s a very busy time of the year. I know you will have em looking nice just like last year. Yeah, I wish I could be there to feel the cool fall air that is setting in. But make sure you take advantage of what we all have back home. I love you all.  Take care! Stay safe! Have fun!
           Love Ty.

This is the internet cafe where the ceiling fell in on me today. 
This is where I come to email. 

This is the terrain of Obuasi.

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