Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Monday, June 10, 2013

Post #7

Hello Everyone,
          My week has went by really fast, it seems like they are just going by faster and faster. I have finished my first planner in the field. Six weeks in the field. I have been out almost two months, jeez it’s going by fast. So here is an experience. So on Saturday morning I had and accident, I was kind of jogging in the apartment because the elder that went home yesterday was giving all of his things away. So I was on my way over to his room and the door ways in our apartment are built for midgets, I swear. So I was jogging and the next thing I knew I was on the floor laying on my back holding my scalp. The moment I stood up, I was bleeding like as stuck hog. So I went to the kitchen and began washing the blood out and applying pressure. But it stopped bleeding very soon after. Luckily it was not deep, it is about an inch wide and straight as a board. hahaha It was crazy, but I have been keeping it clean and taking antibiotic pills and applying cream to it couple times a day. So I did not need stitches or anything like that; but all is well and its almost healed up. So don’t worry I’m fine, I just need to learn to duck when going under this china made house. 
          The missionaries don’t talk in church; but we have to teach a gospel doctrine investigators class. I have not taught it yet. The older missionaries do it. I probably will in a few months. And in the chapel there is a keyboard and no one knows how to play. So its pretty quiet. 
          So the people we teach as I said last week, they mostly all work. Some of them are part of the Gallumsay. It’s a small scale Gold mining company. It is when they gets shovels and picks and just start digging a hole, like in the show Jungle Gold they had a part that they were digging a hole about 5 feet wide and about 20-30 feet deep. The names of the people that we are teaching Emmanual, Sadats, Samuel, Victiria, Sarah, Ramatu, Charity, Abigal, Asamoah, Chester, Kan, Beatrice, Yaw, Eric, Godfred, Evance. Weird names huh! The majority of the people they have not had much education and are not very good readers. So yeah most of the people we teach they are single and have kids, I think that there is maybe 2 that are married, yeah so its pretty sad.
          So I am starting to get use to some of the foods, but as for a few of them they are pretty hard to swallow. Hahaha nasty! So when we go to the cafe they have drinks that you can buy. I usually buy a drink like coke, sprite, or a fruit juice or something.  It has been raining about everyday. Yesterday it rained hard, like just sheets and sheets of water. There are gutters and trenches everywhere. But the place where we live, all the water runs right in front of our apartment and then the creek behind us. Yesterday, we had probably 6-8 inches of standing water INSIDE our wall of our apartment. 
          So the missionaries that I live with are Elder Meredith (my companion from Samoa), Elder Barker from Indiana, Elder Succo from American Fork (but left today to go home), Elder Sonpon from Liberia, and Elder Kgabaga from South Africa. The one from Liberia is the one that snatches and kieves food all the time.
          Oh yeh, the highlight of my week was; on Sunday morning we was going to church and I guess in the night, the church was plowed over by three cars. We laughed and laughed, cuz the guy is one our investigators and is very stubborn.
          So yeah I have really come to appreciate all that we have back home. Just the food we have to eat, and bed we have to sleep on, and roof we have over our heads. I have been eating a lot of Humble Pie lately. HaHahaha So take care and till next time. 
                                                Love Elder Blackburn

Here is a picture of a cute little girl.  
The school system requires all kids to shave their heads.
(the only way to distinguish between a girl and a boy are the earrings) 

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