Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Monday, April 28, 2014


Hi All,
         Yeah the past week went over real well. Yesterday was Emmanuel’s confirmation and it went well. Usually the one to baptize is my companion. I just let him do it because of the experience and partly cuz don’t want to carry my clothes to church, which is far. So usually I’ve just been letting him do it.  I think next time I’ll be the one to do it though. Sometimes the converts want the missionaries to do it, but they usually don’t care who.
          We have found a very powerful family. The dad said he would come to church with the rest, but yesterday he came and said that next week they will all come. They are a very humble family which are a “for sure” baptism. We are teaching another guy who’s name is Christopher. (he is a friend to Gad)  He has agreed to be baptized on the 11 of May. Also Nana Adu is still coming to church.  He doesn’t speak English very well, mostly twi, so we are just trying to help him improve on his English and with Book of Mormon reading. So one day he will be able to be baptized.  It seems like it takes a lot of people to teach and to contact to finally get that “Golden Convert”.  I think that all the converts we have had in Boukrom have all been member referrals; so we are always trying to work with the members, and it seems to be working.  Things here are not easy, but we always find a way to work through them.
          So about the three lessons I have learned so far on mission are hmmm….. probably first,  self discipline, second, learning how to develop patience,  then third, realizing the important things in life that bring true happiness are living and abiding by the gospel and the commandments. So that is just thinking about it just now; maybe next week I’ll have more.
          Well now that you mentioned it, I never did burn a tie or a shirt; but I have one to do it with. Maybe today I’ll burn something. Before I leave Boukrom I plan on burning a few things, ripped pants, etc… haha…
           Some of the experiences from this week are as follows. So we were coming to town in a tro tro. The majority of them are pretty good quality, but there are a few real crappy ones. The one we got was one of them, holes in the floor covered with boards and rugs. It had been welded and tacked (I don’t know how many times), keeping the top and sides from not falling off. Meanwhile half way to town the door falls off, and it takes them 10 or so min, to Jimmy Rig it back on. Haha.. I won’t ever take that one again. And I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday night it started to storm, The power went out, then the wind started to come. We seriously thought the trees that we have in our front yard were going to snap in half. They were at about a 120 degree angle or less. They are really tall and narrow, luckily they didn’t. Also, five out of the seven previous nights there has been no power. Which is not good at all. It means no fan, no water, unless we go draw it out of the tanks; no light, no nothing. So we just lay there and sweat!! If we go outside we get ate by mosquito's.  But I’m surviving.  Haha..  Many wandering cattle pass by our place and eat out of the local dumps. They usually pass by our place in the evenings. And every morning our neighbors sweep the whole place, whether it be dirt or cement, each day at 5 am.  It’s like a wire grass broom so its quite loud. So thats my week in Buokrom!!
          That is cool about all the mission calls. Ben is the same one as Dillon went to right?  So sounds like everything is going well. Only two more weeks till Mothers Day and I’ll be callin home!! Well the time is far spent, so best go!! So thanks for everything!!
                              Love Ty (Elder Blackburn)) :)

Playing with a little kid.
(Ty was always playing around like this with his little sister)

Cute Kobi

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