Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello Everyone,
          How is everything? So yeah, I am going to be once again transferred!! Haha… It seems as Presdent Holmes wanted me to learn one or two things before making me a District Leader! Yes, I’m going to be a District Leader in a place called Boukrum. (its also in Kumasi), its the north part of Kumasi around the airport. So I guess I’ll have to step it up and take care of my district members; conducting district meetings once a week, doing baptisimal interviews, going on splits with district members. So yeah, I pretty much have a full plate now. But I know that I can do it if I continue to be obedient and do all the things I am suppose to. I know that he will help me in all that I do.
           I’m going to be in a four man apartment. My companion is going to be Elder Holmes from Utah and the other two I think are from the UK, so I’m pretty sure we will be livin it up this coming Chrismas season; and hopefully do something for Thanksgiving. It’s good that I only unpacked some few things like clothes and a few other things, now I’ll only have to pack everything back up in about a few minutes. Boukrum is somehow close to Bonjour, which is the pizza and ice cream shop. I’m sure Boukrum is going to be good for me, but I’m going to miss this apartment. It’s really quite a good one, compared to all of the ones I have been to. Its amazing how fast time goes and flies when you are working and working hard, fullfilling your duties as a missionary.
           So the time I have spent here is going by little by little, but I still have a ways to go. But I’m really liking everything over here,. The food seems like candy nowadays like fufu, jollof rice and other things, but once in while the stuff is too much. Anyway I’m staying healthy, but sometimes I get a gut ache and have to lay down for a while; but I have not been sick since I came, just the one time. (my first week in Obuasi). I think I’m just maintaining my weight now days too, maybe gaining it back with all the free food people give us, but I think I’m just maintaining it. Also, the new chapel in Obuasi is up and going as of last Sunday. They said there were many people there, more than ever before. We were soppose to have a baptism yesterday, but the guy didn’t ever come.  He wouldn’t pick our calls or anything and that was pretty disappointing.
           You asked about the heat and humidity? So it stays about the same all the time. They have few seasons, but now its the dry season. It is really cool at nights and very hot and kind of dry in the day time. The only time I notice it is when I go into the clerks office on Sundays because of the A/C, but when I come out I can feel the difference. It was the same feeling when I stepped off the plane in Accra.
          So the words on my apartment building in the picture I sent are written in Twi. Awurade Na Aye, it means God is here. Almost all of the little shops and stores have something or words about God and Jesus Christ. So I can speak and say all the greetings and a little of some other things. It's a very easy and simple language to learn and speak, you just have to position your tongue right. Anyway, not too much else has happened here in Asuoyeboah.. Yeah, so I can’t think of too much else to say other than I’ll be in Boukrum for Christmas with an American!!   So I hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving and lots of fun stuffing yourselves. Make sure to eat my share as well as your own! Haha... I am thankful for many things. I don’t think we have enough time to mention them all. So thanks for everything.  I can’t think of too much that I need. Gr. Becky sent me some pictures of the snow that fell over there.  It looks like you are in for a good Winter, or at least a good start. Anway, I hope you have fun on Thursday.  Best of luck with everything!  May God Bless!!
               Love Elder Ty Blackburn

       This is my apartment in Asuoyeboah that I will be leaving today. 
It's on the bottom floor.  

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