Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen. Matthew 28:19-20

Monday, December 9, 2013


Hello Everyone,
          Well this past week was good.  Yesterday, we were able to have a baptism for two. Next week will be same thing for two. So things are going good here in Boukrom. I like it here in Boukrom, probably as much as I did Obuasi.  So you said that you have been out of power, haha.. Yeah, welcome to the life in West Africa.  Almost every day the power goes out.  Sometimes it lasts in places for a week, and sometimes even more.
          So here's a little information about a few of the investigators we are teaching.  One is named Angelo.  He works at a furniture/rug store.  We were just passing by and he called us over. So we went over there, and he asked us all about ourselves and what we do. So we told him all about ourselves, the church, and why we are here. As we were leaving he grabbed Elder Holmes's shirt and said “I’m serious, I really want you to come back.” So we have been trying to see him when ever we can. The only thing he can’t do is come to church because he doesn’t have shoes. I have found some really good ones in the apartment that some of the other missionaries have left behind.  So on Wednesday, I’ll take them to him. It will be interesting to see his reaction. The other investigators are David and Kwame, they are about 13 or so. They have been coming to church and doing good.  We were walking down the road a few days ago towards their house and we could see them coming on a full sprint.  They got to us in about a min or so.   Haha..  When they got to us they said, “So this Sunday we will baptize, our mothers have said that we can now!” Their moms do not speak any English only twi and fra fra. Elder Holmes said that their moms have been really stubborn on letting them get baptized, but now they can!
          So with me being DL there are times and situations where we just stop and leave what we are doing and go to the interview. But not really does being a district leader take time out of our proselyting time, just maybe in the evenings when I report numbers, and maybe a little on other days, but not much. So when I do interviews, my companion gets to relax and chill, so he gets to enjoy.
          Yesterday, at the baptisms my camera was out of batteries and the person that was going to take the picture did not know how to take one. So next week I’ll send one from Elder Holmes's sd card. So other than that not too much has happened, just that its starting to get really hot and really dry. My lips are starting to chap, and often times I get a headache from not enough water. But it feels nice to get a heavy dry breeze.
          So things are good, only 2 more weeks till Christmas.  I can’t wait to call home. I will probably call when ever you are all opening up presents and are all awake; so probably around 7-8 ish,. Would that be ok.?  So I will just buy a bunch of credit and a sim card for the phone then I’ll call. It’s pretty simple. So I’ll just call. All you have to do is pick the call. I'll try to time it in the morning when you guys are all awake and opening presents.
          That is good that the snow is coming. It sounds like a long hard winter, but you are getting what you have asked for. So better go and take care!  Thanks for all you do. Love you and best of luck with everything.  Talk to you very very soon!!
                            Love Ty

Getting ready for Christmas in Ghana.

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